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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Mira eats expired pie?
Without even time to scream the black mass closed the distance and the unfortunate quick footed hobgoblins were soon torn to pieces and sent flying through the air.
It all too soon arrived before the eyes of the ten trailing hobgoblins and without time for them to take stances, the black long sword scattered offal and body fluids around while eyes popped and tumbled around on the ground.

The Dark Knight caught up to the last group containing the archgoblin.
With a reverberating dull metallic sound, the archgoblin raised its voice mixed with uneasiness. The archgoblin was wearing heavy clothing so although it was slow it had the strength to persist. The archgoblin was particularly crafty in that it surrounded itself with hobgoblins to raise its own survival rate.

However, it was a foolish idea before an armor spirit filled with murderous intent. If one wanted to survive, there was no choice but to run in the opposite direction the instant one faced it.

The Black Knight whose momentum had not dropped even the slightest bit passed through the last group mowing them down.

This all took place in an instant. The hobgoblins had become lumps of meat without even understanding what had happened. They had worn death instead of armor.
After all only the fleet footed hobgoblins had avoided their bad luck. An individual adversary that exuded despair had come. All the goblins here had quite simply run out of luck. (Not really sure what went on in this line)

“Whoa come on, this is a lie.”

“Commander……..what in the world is that.”

Graia with both eyes opened wide stood stock still as the tragedy unfolded before his eyes.

The Black Knight who had won easily over a goblin platoon did not cease moving. Shaking off Graia’s expectations it dashes towards the fort momentum intact.

A black assassin’s dagger approached the goblin fortress. In the face of absolute death, the goblin fortress fell into a state of panic. One after another goblins have ceased to exist leaving only dead husks that colored the scene.

Unable to move, the deployed forces waited on the cliff with blank surprise and eyes opened wide to the unfolding tragedy unfolding before their eyes.

They are knights. Overcoming the battlefield time and time again they were proud of the skills they possessed. Up until the present they have never before encountered a demon that inspired such dread. However, they prided themselves in mustering up the courage in their hearts to come back and secure victory.

As for fear, those who knew it were able to overcome it.

However despite all that, veteran warriors with long military service had their hearts and minds shaken by fear of the Black God of Death below.
They did not want to stand in front of that. Such hopeless fear grasped their hearts and minds and hung over their pride like a finger.

It was not fear anymore, it was a curse.

Their hearts and minds broke. Just imagining standing in front of that sword cut off all their hopes, a black flame swings and the light of life is extinguished.

However, there was no need for the knights to get involved. The goblin force’s resistance was meaningless, they were unable to even run away, This was because the sword ahead displayed a march into the abyss.

The Dark Knight who finished the execution bowed to Mira and returned to black fog. At the same time, the knights timidly advanced in formation to begin inspecting the fort.

“That thing, what was it.”

Graia’s party were walking from the wooded area towards the fort in a cautious manner. Before long they joined the other troops. They received a report that there were no surviving remnants of the goblins forces in the interior of the fort.
Mira and the knight troupe turned to walk towards the capital of the Arkite Kingdom, the Lunatic Lake.
When the subject of the Dark Knight’s strength came up, the knights smiled wryly and were relieved from the bottom of their hearts that it was not an enemy. Mira gave off the sense that such unnatural strength was commonplace.

“I never would have thought that its true strength was like that.”

“Our turn never came.”

“When I thought about what could have happened at that time, I felt comfortable. ( don’t really know this one) Mira chan is amazing.”

“So cute.”


“Err um…. that is….”

“However, no one knows what its true strength was.”

“Oh yes that is right. If it was an adventurer, I would guess that it would be as strong as the [Genji] strong hammer or [Kazari] of the crimson scorched earth?”

” No not at all, it surely wouldn’t go up to legend class.”

“Is that so?”

“There cannot be such a monster that was willingly collected.” (Don’t know about this)

“There is no mistaking it.”

Hahahahah! While the conversation talking about Mira was getting heated up, said person was talking with Graia about the country’s present situation.

Mira obtained information about the current situation of the Arkite Kingdom. Right now eight of nine Elders who were keystones of the national defense were absent. Each of the towers had delegated representatives. Also Mira confirmed the fact that Danbalf had not been alone in his disappearance 30 years ago.

Not less then one year had passed until all nine Elders of the Silver Linked Towers had disappeared. However soon, one master wizard [Luminaria of the Natural Disaster] returned from his disappearance ten years later.

Based on Luminaria’s advice, this affair had been discussed behind closed doors by the upper echelon of the country. They officially announced this as the Elder disappearance case. Until then, those especially talented researchers who had served as aides to the Elders acted as their representatives. Even so, there were still big differences between them and their predecessors so there was a limit to the responsibilities they could bear.

Mira in addition called up the chronology from the menu and reviewed the description for 20 years ago. Certainly, the Arkite Kingdom had announced the Elder disappearance case.

Elder Luminaria. This name sounded familiar to Mira.
When Arc Earth Online officially began she had one close friend who she had a friendly rivalry with.
She had brilliant crimson long hair similar to that of a rose with a strength of will to match. She had the appearance of a model with an abundant chest and tall figure that matched that of a model. It was a figure that anyone would look at.
She was the embodiment of men’s dreams, This was Luminaria that Mira knew of. And because the player inside was a man, he was a guy who told dirty jokes without hesitation. An uncomfortable feeling was born anew in her mind.

Luminaria also disappeared, although she suddenly came back 20 years ago.
Her situation of having disappeared 30 years ago was the same as Dunbalf. In other words the player that was Luminaria and the player that was Dunbalf suddenly disappeared at the same time and reappeared.
Although the time that Danbalf and Luminaria reappeared was different, they both disappeared at the same time. Although the appearance had changed.

In Mira’s mind, the next place to go to has been decided. Luminaria was in the same situation as herself, so there was a strong possibility of her being the player that knew Mira. She may learn something if she speaks with her.

Their destination was the place where the silver towers were located, Arkite kingdom’s greatest town [Silver Horn] where all their magic and military affairs were gathered.

They advanced on a woodland path between the trees and before long they arrived at two forking roads. On the left path was the road to Arkite kingdom capital [Lunatic Lake] on the right path was their destination Silver Horn.

“Well then, be careful when returning.”

” It is safe here, although he would have like to said this line, Mira dono had true strength. He could not say this at all.”

While laughing out loud with a ha ha ha ha, he stroked Mira’s head with a “bashi bashi” sound. Grimacing at the burden on her neck, Mira brushed his hand off and said “Stop treating me like a child.” The surrounding knights gazed at the heartwarming scene.

“Because this was a special case the reward will not be through the guild, please visit me at Lunatic Lake when you finish your errands. I will talk to the guards to let you through.”

“Hmmmm, well then I will come visit you when I have free time.”

“Ah, I will be waiting.”

Saying so the knights left through the left road, and Mira went towards the right road.

Red began to seep into the blue sky peeking through the gap between the trees. When she confirmed the time from the menu that floated in space, she determined it to be past 5:00 Pm.
According to memory, she had walked about an hour on foot from the Silver Horn Crossroads. She had not yet come halfway through the journey. However, that was simply because Mira had constantly stopped to view anything of interest.

She carefully observed the butterflies suck nectar from flowers with great interest and she dug up earthworms causing her to twitch her face.
And with fatigue that had not been felt in game up till now, she took several breaks.

When Mira closed her menu, she felt a bit hungry and remembered the apple pie that he had been keeping in her item box. When she touched her fingertip to the icon within the box, a tiny icon began to grow in substance. It continued to grow until it was full size and materialized in her palm.
Mira squinted at the thing that had appeared on her palm. It had already been one week since the apple pie had been placed in the item box. Although this was something which she had created 30 years ago as confirmed by the description, she could not detect an abnormality.

Although she hesitated a little to bring her small nose close, a fragrant smell of vanilla beans extended to her nose. At the same time her stomach growled.
Mira makes up her mind and with a wide open mouth, bit into the pie. A crunchy texture and sour apple taste greeted her mouth at the same time, taste was clearly simulated.
Then she opened the item box again and retrieved [Appure]. This was an item that every magic class always had on hand, it would be no exaggeration to say that it was the prevalent item. It was a drink that was effective in raising MP recovery speed that has apple and milk in it.
She put her lips to the amber white liquid that had a faint sweet scent of apples.

“So good……”

Her thoughts leaked out unintentionally. The two foods had excellent texture and taste.There also was no issue with the feeling of food going down her throat. However, although Mira had never eaten apple pie up until now, she memorized the excitement of her first taste. Although [Appure] was not an item that could be seen in reality, Mira has become fond of its good flavor and taste.

“Fuuu” Mira leaked out a long sigh. She looked up to the sky at ease and gazed at the clouds drifting by experiencing the whole world.
The breeze rocked her hair and the sensation of that green scent tickled her nose. A moderate feeling of fatigue came upon her in proportion to how much she had moved. In addition the appetizing [Appure] and apple pie contributed to this as well.
Whether she willed them or not, she experienced a diverse sense of reality. When only this much circumstantial evidence had been prepared, the more carefully one tried to understand the present situation the more one could not exempt the chance that it was reality. (Someone please help me with this line its これだけの状況証拠を揃えられてしまうと、慎重に現状を把握しようとすればする程、現実以外では考えられなくなってくる程だ。)

Therefore, Mira for the present worked on finding an answer.
She would act based on the assumption that this was reality. Even if it differed from this, it would only become a funny story. If it was like that there was no problem. However, it is not possible to deal with something when it was already too late, thus she assumed the possibility that it was real. She may really die if she gets killed and may never get back up. People who have fallen into danger because they ignored their bad feelings may have bad endings waiting for them.

First of all, Luminaria as a person who decided to live in this world, may know something . It was her top priority to meet her. She returned her attention to the road ahead and stepped forward.

Just when she was feeling fatigue from walking through a crossing and was about to hurry, it appeared.

Drool dripped down from the sharp canines protruding from the gray body. Mira recognized the figure which had approached slowly and raised a low growl.

It was called a saber dog, which was called the first hurdle for beginners.

There were a lot of players who were made to suffer from its agile movement and strong attack strength.

The surroundings were the territory of this saber dog. There was no one around and a weak looking girl is alone far away from a town walking on a forest path. This was no longer a foolish move, this was suicidal.

Those who only looked at her appearance were unable to judge Mira’s true strength. At most they would only be able to guess that she was a magician from her robed figure. Although they may think that she was a magician, the contents were still that of a developing little girl. Had adventurers been passing by 9 out of 10 of them would have jumped in at that time.

All that was reflected in the eyes of the saber dog. It judged from her small stature that she was weak.
As for the monster named saber dog its length is well over one meter, even for adults it would be dangerous without any preparation.

The hunter’s thirst for blood reflected in its eyes and it carefully eyed the distance between them to not let its prey escape.

Mira thrust out her right hand towards her opponent. And up until now a feeling identical to that of a skill’s activation moment is felt in that moment. The saber dog’s pupils were now dyed in obvious fear and its body was crushed into a red large flower from its impact with many trees.

After all, the opponent was a lower class monster that was not comparable to hobgoblins. The skill Mira used was an initial skill of her second class [Xian Expert: Shock Wave]. However the art flies forward like a shock wave. When an expect of Mira’s degree uses it, it becomes an art that vanquishes small lives lightly.

“It looks like there’s no problem.”

Because Mira was capable of using summoning arts, she used Xian Expert Magic only as an experiment. And the experiment gave her the conviction that skills were able to be used in the same sense as the game.

Mira roughly brushed away the sparks that had fallen onto her and she hurried away without looking back.


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