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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: Mira beats the shit out of …………
The top floor of the Tower of Magic, it was also called the sage’s private room or laboratory. Furthermore, it also contained the aide’s room.

When the transparent filer which blocked the back and front of the elevator lifted, Mira stepped down from the front. When she traversed the circular corridor formed from translucent tube, she found herself before the laboratory door.

“Hey, Luminaria.” “Are you there?” “Answer me!”

Mira made a small fist and pounded on the door repeatedly. (poor door…. a person 6x as strong as an adult male is pounding on you) In the corridor of the tower, the echoing screams of the door seem to exceed the sound of the little girl’s voice.

Since the time the person named Luminaria became an Elder, she would often stay in the laboratory. In other words, the place she is most likely to be in is this place.

For that reason, Mira immediately beat the door to the laboratory with the expectation of Luminaria releasing a kick to open the door while saying “Allow for Moderation!” The usual situation did not occur so she stopped her fist strained her ears to listen carefully.

“Away huh.”

On rare occasions, she can be found in a difficult to approach nearby forest doing an experiment.

<This fellow is a guy who can’t read the atmosphere.>

Mira in her mind muttered this and placed her hand on chin in careful deliberation.
“Who is this?”

While pacing back in forth in front of the door having begun to think of waiting until the master of the tower returned, the voice of a calm woman suddenly sounds from the rear. And Mira was familiar with this voice.

Indeed, the dress of a secretary was worn by a beautiful woman with shoulder length blond hair that suited her spectacles. Blue eyes that were filled with suspicion were turned towards Mira.

“Oh, Litaria its been a long time.” As for Luminaria, do you know where she has gone?”

The beautiful woman whom Mira calls Litaria is an aid of an Elder.
In order to assist the Elder with their research and miscellaneous duties. NPC non player characters were dispatched by the country. In other words, Litaria is the aide for Luminaria. .

And she is of the race of elves. Because they possessed long lives, their beauty is kept for a very long period. Depending on the person such a race would be like a dream come true.
However, players in Arch Earth Online were unable to choose the race because it was an exclusive race for NPCs. In addition, dwarves and little people, sirens, werewolves, and giants were famous examples of this. With the exception of cat ears and tails humans were unable to transform. Gardia tribe had robust bodies and various races exist.

“Who are you? In order to enter this floor one must use the elevator, other ways of approach are nonexistent. Only a select number of people know the way to the top floor.”

Wearing a tense atmosphere, Litaria’s eyes were filled strongly with precaution.

“Well then I am……” “It was so….”

Mira at the present time, recalled that she did not have her dignified appearance. It was not possible to ask Litaria to [Investigate].
There was no guarantee that one would believe her if she introduced herself as Danbalf. To a person who knew herself originally, that magnificent Danbalf, being seen enjoying the appearance of a little girl would be an unbearable thing above all for Mira.
However, it would only be a trifling thing if Luminaria was the other party.
First of all Luminaria would enjoy “such a thing” more than anyone. In that case for Mira approaching the topic of her appearance, she could speak with confidence that she was cute.

As for the present conditions, Mira came to talk to Luminaria. This situation was unexpected.

Mira told Litaria that she remembered the procedure of going up to a sage’s room in the elevator. When she was speaking of this, she recalled the operation of the elevator.
Only people knowing the procedure to start the elevator to go to the top floor know of it so that fans do not intrude on the Elder.
Of course, Mira being an Elder agrees with this. Therefore, when she came here, Litaria doubted how a little girl had come to this floor as it was a cause for worry.

With her true identity not revealed, that she was the Elder of the summoning arts passing by to visit the sage’s room, then she will not communicate this fact.
Then Mira tracing her jaw with her fingertip thinks over this insight. Since she is unable to determine her true identity, having said that she must provide justification for knowing how to operate the elevator to come up to this floor. She should come up with a convenient excuse that would allow her to go in and out freely in the future.

And then, one good idea appears.
“You, do you know Danbalf?”

“Of course I know him. He is the Elder sama of the summoning tower.”

“Yes that is so. I am Danbalf’s apprentice. I was ordered by my master to pass on some messages to Luminaria dono in his place. I am to convey this message and come back.”

“Danbalf sama……!? If that’s the case then its surely reliable…….. Er, However I never heard about Danbalf taking care of an apprentice like you before.”

The expression of Litaria reflected obvious excitement when she heard his name. This was because she proclaimed herself the pupil of the wise man that had disappeared 30 years ago. It was justified if one said such a thing.

“That is so. I am an apprentice that bears the name of a person who had disappeared 30 years ago.”

“A person who has disappeared came back!? If there is a pupil, then that means Danbalf has returned?”

“Ah, yes its like that. For certain reasons he is unable to move right now. So I came instead.”

“Really? “Danbalf sama…… “But, what on earth is the situation for him to not be able to move?”

“Ah…… um, it is like that”

Because it was an incomplete idea, Mira would be troubled if she were asked for details. Then she hit upon a suitable excuse. It was an action that she had frequently done when was still Danbalf. If this world had succeeded conventional history, this might work.

“In order to train a newly summoned spirit, he had to stay inside the illusion beast town.

“…….again a new summon spirit.” As expected of Danbalf. Sometimes spirit training in the illusion beast town causes one to be lost, like that there is no change. (no clue about this sentence) If that’s the case than it can’t be helped that he could not move.
Ah, Danbalf sama. I want to see his face soon.”

Though it was a desperate excuse, Litaria nodded because the story had been convincing. Apparently her former actions remained in this world as a memory somehow. Mira gained this conviction.

Why did this excuse work? This was because the Illusion beast town was a famous hunting ground for players.
Although someone does not live in said town, there was one field that had a great variety of monster and illusion beasts which dominated the ruins of the ancient town. The more one kills monsters here, the more blessings can be obtained which increased the rate of growth, recovery speed and rare item drops. There were also a variety of monsters that appeared here. High ranked players were known to have these as hunting fields.
The problem was that the blessing was reset if you left the town once. That being the case, it was common sense for players that hunted in the Illusion beast town that one would buy a large quantity of recovery items and seclude themselves in hunting.

“Ah…. such a thing. The location of Luminaria…..dono huh?”

“It was so. At present, Luminaria sama …………… No no……….I should not, its wrong. While she is certainly speaking of Danbalf sama, nevertheless that much one could be aware of about Danbalf sama. She could still be just pretending to be his apprentice. Do you have evidence that you are who you say you are?”

Litaria went beyond respect and worshiped Luminaria and Dunbalf who supported the country together. The hint that Danbalf was alive made a bright light burst out from her expression but she smoothed it over in a panic. She has still yet to confirm the truth regarding the previous matter.

“Is there evidence? Fu—-mu………, is this easy to understand?”

After having thought a little, Mira takes out evidence that only Danbalf would have from the item box. Of course, it was the silver card on which nine canes were carved, the tower master key.

“This is…… The tower master key of the tower of the art of summons! Then, you really are Danbalf’s….. Oh name…. may I have your name if that’s ok?”

“I am Mira. Litaria, I would like to hear where your master is. Is Luminaria dono not here?”

“Yes, Luminaria sama as of now has gone out to Lunatic Lake. She is not likely to return until tomorrow.”

“U mu, was that so? Then there is no help for it. Then shall I come again?”

If she is not here, then it is futile. Mira considered it to be troublesome to go towards Lunatic Lake at the present moment. If she was going to return tomorrow then her conclusion was that it would be agreeable to come back at that time.

“That’s right. It is night already, will you not spend the night in my room? She thought about whether or not it was good to stay until Luminaria came back. Also please tell me about various things about Danbalf sama if possible!

Abruptly Litaria’s expression changed and approached. Mira vigorously retreated until her back bumped against the door. Litaria, only wanted to hear stories about Danbalf but as for Mira, the thin excuse she used would go up in flames. It was not a wise policy to prolong the story because she did not know when a fault would appear. She intended to run away promptly.
In addition Litaria was a beautiful woman even though she became familiar with her face. If you examined Mira she remained a man inside full of secret desire. In conclusion she could not destroy her reasoning here. More than Danbalf’s pride as a person as at stake here, it was a feeling of wanting to look good to a person who loved himself. Even though the present situation was that they both had the same sex, it was not the problem.

“No, besides I have other engagements to attend to. Allow me to come back again tomorrow..”

“Ah, so it is like that……. She doesn’t say that she had nothing to do this evening. Mira sama, won’t you hear what happened 30 years ago. Please tell me what Danbalf sama has been doing up until now.”

“It was still like this. To be ordered by the master to take care of tasks.”

When Litaria did not chase after her, she jumped into the elevator to descend to the first floor. If she was questioned for details, there was sure to have been some contradictions. For example, if she was asked about how she became his apprentice. It was because she did not think about the details.

Mira reflects on the excuse that she established. She looked up in regret at the thing she herself said. The sudden change in Litaria resembled a transparent tube. She let out a big sigh.

“I had a more intellectual impression.”

She knew that Litaria was an NPC, She did not remember her personality to be like that from her memories. Her impression was that she ought to have been more secretary like. 30 years have passed, perhaps that was the source? Mira placed her hand on her chin as she smiled wryly and passed by looking at each floor.

She arrived at the first floor in approximately ten seconds. Taking the opportunity to get psyched up, she passed by researcher saying “Do you best!”
As for Mira, it was one of Danbalf’s habits to yell like this. To the abrupt encouragement of a little girl passing by, although they did not recognize Mira’s purpose, several researchers got psyched up to greet their all night vigil.
Mira left the tower of magic and entered the tower of summons. Because Luminaria comes back tomorrow, there was one thing that she wanted to confirm by then. It was not necessarily a lie that she had business to attend to.
The business was confirmation of the state of the room he had been using as a base. If it has not changed from before, she would be able to use it, accordingly she would also be able to spend a night there.

The tower of summoning had the same structure as the tower of magic. The inside of which was silent as the intangible magic light flickered as bright as the afternoon light. Mira narrowed at eyes a little at the radiance while she operated the elevator to go to the top floor. She considered regulating the quantity of light later.

It was different from the tower of magic in that it passes each floor as it passes by. When researchers were not found, she recalled the words the knights had said “It was the first time I have seen a summoner, they are unusual.”

The number of summoners had obviously decreased. Mira felt a certain feeling similar to that of seeing off a retired companion. She felt slightly disconsolate.


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