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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Mira does the unthinkable…….

The top floor of the summoning tower. The structure was identical to tower of magic, the placement of room was identical as well. Mira without hesitation goes toward private room without event.

A red carpet was spread over the corridor and a black armor that looked similar to the Dark Knight is displayed. They were items which were presented to Danbalf for his distinguished services of the war he had participated in. However, there were very bitter feelings attached to the two names he gained from this, though few people knew of it.
And there two suits of armor stood at the opening to the private door. When she considered the suits and armor, she guessed that 30 years have passed since she had left them there. Mira reached out with her hand to the massive black door.

“Oops, I forgot about that aspect.”

She suddenly recalled that and stopped. While thinking that she could not get used to this, Mira holds up the tower master key she had taken out from her item box. Then as if pleased with the return of its master, from the vicinity of the doorknob a small clicking sound resounded.
When she passed the doorknob a chill flushed through her body. Mira had entered the private room but she felt a sense of discomfort.

When she first entered the room, she had taken off her boots. Because there was no shoe rack in the entrance way she had left them there. Although she did not take off her boots in game, now that she was in reality she could not throw off the custom taking off shoes when inside a room.

When she became barefooted, she advanced indoors to a familiar sight. The carpet made from the pelt of a devil beast king occupied 80% of the floor which she could see. Although the soft pelt shone with a golden color, it was very sturdy. When one is training in judo not one wound would be suffered atop it. This rare item had taken all the Elders of the Silver Linked Towers to obtain when they did the carnival of the devil beast king subjugation tour. This was Danbalf’s share of the devil beast king’s fur which craftsmen had processed.

It is a high quality material retrieved from the material of a devil beast king class that would yield first-class equipment. However, when Danbalf asked to make it into a carpet, the first class leather processing workman asked more than several times “Is this really okay?” They were aware that it would a really regrettable decision to make this high class pelt a mere carpet.
The memorabilia had a certain meaning, it prostrated itself on the ground as if to show obedience. In addition, accessories that Danbalf had collected were scattered around. She knew each and everyone of them by sight.
However, certain items were placed slightly different than from what she remembered.

“Is this because of Mariana?”

For Mira, there was only one person that she thought of that could cause this sense of incongruity. She was the aide of the Elder of the tower of summoning, Danbalf’s aide.
It was a simple story, after all, there were only two people who were able to enter this private room. Only two people held the tower master key, the Elder or their aide. The main person in this room was absent for 30 years. Then the remaining person would be Mariana. Mira expected that Mariana her aide would clean it as usual.

Mira was aware that Mariana was such a non player character. Among the many rooms a lot of them were storage spaces. When she came home from hunting she irresponsibly stuffed the spoils inside. When she next logged in, the items were sorted into each storage by type and the mess was cleared up.

After having become an Elder. Danbalf has never once tidied up. The methodical meddlesome person reminded him of a childhood friend heroine from a romantic comedy, that was Mariana.
The source of the uncomfortable feeling was Mariana moving around the small accessories every month. Because there was a story about her being concerned with Feng Shui fortune telling, she left it alone.

Mira’s expectations hit the mark. Mariana who was Danbalf’s aide had every day for 30 years never missed the cleaning of the room or maintenance of the accessories. She believed that her master would come back one day.

She wondered whether she had been doing this for 30 years, Mira was a little worried about this conjecture.

However to make it to tomorrow, she hunted through her memories for a bed to rest her tired body. When she was playing this as a game, she logged out and slept in her futon whenever she became sleepy. However, the situation now was different. Because it i not possible to log out, then I can do nothing but sleep as I am here. However, because she has never used the bedroom in the past she does not remember where it is.
Mira understood that it was natural to have many rooms within the private room. Thus she checked every door to make sure she did not miss it.
The first room was a collection room. Rare items from around the world were collected and they formed a line in the room.
The second room was a refinement room. Wisdom and materials concerning refining technology that Danbalf had developed overflowed from this room. However for Mira it was a mere work room.
The third room was a storeroom. Experimental weapons, defensive armaments, and refining goods were beautifully displayed. Items suitable for Danbalf’s character were scattered irresponsibly, If Mariana saw this room she would have fainted.
And the fourth room was a restroom. At the same time, Mira was reminded of some business she had yet to complete after she came to this world. She became stiff from a familiar physiological phenomenon which rose from her lower abdomen.

She did not forget. She only wanted to forget. The symptoms were like ripples that had been noticed even before her arrival in Silver Horn.
However, Mira did not want to admit it. Because it would not be possible for her consciousness to go back if she does it with a girl’s body.
However, it would not be a problem if one somehow endures it. Rather, it was bad for the body as much as she did it. In actuality, all the equipment and preparations in order to do it were complete. She decided to not think hard about this matter, however like the Dead Sea, it overtook her. It seems like her limit was near. “You, let’s do this.”

When Mira steels herself and closes the door of the rest room, after a short time the sound of flowing water could be heard.
<Luminaria would laugh wildly at this.>

When she remembered her expression at that time, she smiled wryly. When Mira looked back at the restroom she unconsciously placed her hand on her abdomen.

“Well, this is normal. After having tried it, it is a natural action for me.”

It is natural for anyone who doesn’t have it to use that bowl; Mira mutters to convince herself.
The expression of Mira who had passed the most severe mountain pass for the first time was so bright as to be refreshing.
Within herself, though there existed wicked feelings, she had a vigorous mental strength and a healthy body to begin with. It can’t be helped. To be honest she remembered being a little excited without a doubt. She assumed a defiant attitude in order to justify herself.

After that, Mira who had gotten into her stride, strode into the fifth room. When she threw off all her equipment in the bathroom and became naked, she finished taking a bath.

<It is regrettable that a long time is taken when one’s hair is long.>

After basking in a hot bath, her fatigue had more or less been removed and her feeling of drowsiness had somewhat eased.
She hung her towel in an appropriate place and lowered her small bottom on a leather sofa and immediately opened the item box. The purpose of this was to confirm if it had any house dress included.
After having gotten out of the bath, the blood and dirt attached to the robe was noticeable. Mira was not a neat freak. Still, she was unable to bring herself to wear the robe until after she washed it.

When she looked at the list, one of the icons caught her attention.

It was a quest reward called “Celestial maiden’s robe of feathers.”

This item is the special equipment she got when she cleared “the celestial maiden legend” which was the quest for a Xian Master. The item’s effect was the strengthening of the exclusive skill of the Xian Expert. Because the appearance did not suit Danbalf too much, it was an equipment that entered the storehouse.

She was considerably obsessed with the appearance of equipment in the age of Danbalf. She did not choose ability over looks for his majestic magician. Because it was her creed, she could not bring herself to equip it even if it had high performance.
However, she considered how Mira looked right now. This was a genuine flawless gown with frills. If it was now with her current appearance of a little girl than it may possibly match her.

There was no time like the present, Mira took out the celestial maiden’s robe of feathers from the item box and wears it.
At first glance, the clothes are no larger than the size of a baby doll. The hem of her skirt reached the near Mira’s calves and the sleeves were located in the middle of her upper arm. The cloth reflected a light pink color and it had no drag upon touch. It was a cloth that was worth of the name celestial maiden. Consequently, not only Danbalf would balk at wearing this equipment, male avatars would as well.

“Fumu, This is quite excellent.”

The window isolated the room from the dark night that ruled outside. The figure is not distinct but there was no problem confirming with the projected light. Mira substituted the window for a mirror and smiled admiringly at the sight of the girl clad in only a dress. Although the smile contained a bit of carnal desire, Mira’s expression mirrored that of a rogue. Yet it still remained that of an innocent smile.

After that Mira finds the bedroom that she had been originally looking for after checking every single room. Alternatively, had she not found it, she could have dragged several robes from the warehouse and casually throw them on the sofa for use.
They were things used in the age of Danbalf. The decoration and coloring are good, they were robes with a feeling of dignity and luxury. They were her favorite robes.

Although Mira thought about doing the laundry, she thought of leaving it to Mariana and decided to leave them scattered around as always.
Mira leans against the window while gazing at the distant streetlight. She let out a small yawn. After that, she began to feel sleepy and placed a hand on her waist to stretch lightly. She confirmed the time from the menu.

It is past 10 PM. It was as expected, although she had originally started off strong walking in the forest, a certain fatigue had been accumulated in her small body. She had temporarily kept herself awake by bathing. Mira opens her small mouth and yawns again while wiping both her eyes with the back of her hand.

At any rate, the purpose Mira was here now was not only to confirm what had happened to her base. She came to meet with Luminaria, one of the players that was in the same situation she was in. However, if the person did not come tomorrow, Litaria would tell her.

Mira concluded that there was little to be done in the present circumstances. She was attracted to the bedroom and she collapsed into bed. A gentle opposing force pushes back the small body of the girl. The bed was made by Mariana every day. Mariana’s heart longed for her master.
Lunatic Lake is the Arkite Kingdom capital. Near its center bordering on a crescent moon shaped lake was the Arkite castle where the king lives.

Solomon who is the king finishes putting the business of the day in order and entrusted his whole body to the back of a leather chair. He kicked the desk which had the stacks of documents he had just finished. In reaction, the chair with wheels carried Solomon to the window with a light rattling sound.
The source of the magic light was the silver bracelet Solomon had on. Solomon touches the bracelet on his left arm and considers the empty space.
On a screen projected onto the empty space which was only visible to its owner, characters coded in white and gray appeared,
Solomon confirmed the screen every day. And now, the name of Danbalf was floating in white.

Solomon raised his head and turned the chair. He immediately shifted his attention to the window that lay to his back with which dark and quiet night ruled. He was hoping to see Silver Horn city beyond the distant mountain . It was the town of heroes for the country. While reminiscing of a chance encounter in that city in days long gone, the sound of rapping on the door returns Solomon’s awareness.


“Excuse me”

The man who opened the door and bowed was one of the heralds of the Arkite Kingdom. The man advanced one more step and took out a piece of paper.
When Solomon urged him to continue with his expression, the herald expands the paper and reads the contents out loud.

“I will report. This is a regular timed report from Graia of the magic knight order. “I discovered a fort of hobgoblins in the vicinity of the border, the enemy force’s strength is approximately 300. He borrowed an adventurer girl’s strength and completed all sweeps and he was returning now. He hopes for a suitable reward when the person comes. The name of the adventurer is Mira. I am told that she was a beautiful little girl with long silver hair.

Solomon who receives the report frowns at messenger not understanding. This was because the Hobgoblin army was 300, it was of considerable scale. He had sent 50 elite magic knights; however it was not possible for them to have been able to wipe out that many. If the captain was Graia, he would have almost certainly waited for reinforcements. However, without doing so, he borrows the help of an adventurer .A question appeared in his mind of why he had forced the subjugation.

However, Solomon was certain that he had a reason for doing this. Graia is a man that he could place that much faith in him.

Solomon thought, Was there a reason that it had to be forced? Or does the adventurer’s borrowed strength have anything to with it? However for now, the matter did not hold any significance. He breathed out once and abandoned that line of thinking. He took the report from the hands of the herald to read the report with his own eyes.

“Is there something else?”


“Fumu, speak.”

“Litaria sama, an aide of the Tower of Magic of Silver Horn contacted us with magic correspondence. I was told that a girl named Mira introduced herself in her district as the apprentice of Danbalf.”

“An apprentice of that fellow…?”

Solomon drops his sight down to the screen of the bracelet. The name of Danbalf is displayed there. This name had been displayed as grey for 30 years until yesterday.
It was the name of a his friend that had been a former hero which had white. A girl that had introduced herself as his apprentice had also appeared. And there was the adventurer who had subjugated the hobgoblins with the magic knights. They both had introduced themselves with the name of Mira.

“There was no chance that this was just a succession of coincidences.”

Solomon’s eyes which had just been exhausted from the clerical work just a little while ago regained their light. A joyful shine took the place of the weariness in his eyes.

“Send a messenger as soon as possible to Silver Horn. Tell them to invite the adventurer named Mira courteously. I leave the choice of messenger to you.”

“Certainly. At once.”

When he took his eyes off the herald, the herald left the room and folded the report. Solomon stares at the window at the distant town with the tower again.
The jet black mountains which absorbed the moonlight contrasted with the lake that was the symbol of Lunatic Lake around the castle. The lake shone with an ephemeral light.


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