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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 9


Chapter 9: Mira gets violated!?

(Hey guys if anyone finds an error or any weird sentences please point them out and ill see what I can do later about it.)
The time in the morning was still early. The sound of the bird that tells of daybreak is heard. One carriage that gave off the noisy sounds of horseshoes dashes at full speed in the main street of Silver Horn.
Residents saw the departure of the carriage with the national emblem of the Arkite Kingdom which aimed for the Silver Linked Towers.
When the girl’s pupils within the darkness feels light, her consciousness slowly rose to the surface.
On the canopy bed, Mira sat up which caused her clothes to become disheveled. She opened her small lips to breathe in air deeply in order to stimulate her awakening.

However, remnants of her drowsiness still remained and she lost. She blocked off her field of vision and threw herself down face up. She began diving down from the surface of consciousness to the bottom.

When her consciousness has begun to doze off, in the quiet room of the top floor of the tower where even a bird’s sound doesn’t reach, a sound with a constant rhythm resounded many times.
Mira was forcibly called back by the discord shooting through the silence. She got up with vacant eyes that were not in focus. A question floated to her mind about the unfamiliar luxurious room.


She unintentionally let out a high tone. The events until yesterday gushed out from her mind like a geyser. At the same time she experienced a light sense of loss with vertigo she muttered “My manliness……” while considering her image.

With a small body she was not used to, Mira slid to the edge of the bed and stopped to sit on its ledge. Thereupon her clothes fluttered suddenly and the seductive two legs of a girl came into view. The light that came through the gap of the curtains shone like a spotlight on the white presence which made Mira at a loss of words.
With red cheeks like that of an adolescent boy, Mira softly touched her fingertip to her skin and gazed at it to check. It was the soft skin of a girl, her sense of touch confirmed it. The electrical signal that was sent to the brain made her recognize the succession of yesterday’s events that lead her to today. With this her consciousness was fully awakened.

“……..However, what kind of sound did I hear in the morning?”

Mira, whose head had been made clear, noticed the mysterious rhythm that continued sounding even after she had woken up and listened carefully.
Tap tap tap. It was the sound similar to that of rapping on a hard object and the sound of a voice blurred by distance. Mira only understood that there were multiple people. She left the bedroom to go find out what the matter was all about.

Upon approaching the sound, she began to able to make out the voice. At the same time, she could understand its intention clearly. The vibrations of the mixed air arrived at Mira’s ear.

“Mira sama, won’t you come out? Mira.”

“Litaria, is the apprentice of Danbalf really here?”

Having first heard it, they seemed to be the elegant voice of a familiar woman and an unfamiliar voice of a man.

“I am certain. She carried the tower master key of the tower of summons. A person had also seen the girl with silvery hair entering this tower last night. That means that she should have surely spent the night here.”

“However after that, can she not have gone to a hotel?”

“It is not necessary to stay at a hotel because she has the tower master key. All the facilities are there. Because I clean it every day there can not be any defects.”

In addition, the voice of a girl is heard from outside the door rather than a woman’s.

Here, the noise of the knocking on the door and the calling of herself up until now was recognized.
The voices were that of a man and two girls. Eventually, she vaguely recalls that the woman’s voice was slightly familiar. Mira opens the door in order to meet her and find out why the voice was slightly familiar.

Mira confirmed the figure of the other party by looking up a little, “What, Mariana and Litaria?” While rubbing away the remaining sleepiness away with the back of her hand, she glanced at the two familiar people.
After that she refrained from taking a step back and stood up straight. Her eye had caught on a man who wore a military uniform. He had an armband of the Arkite Kingdom attached to his right shoulder.

“You are……..?”

“Mira sama! Just what clothes are you wearing!”

“You please look the other away!”

Litaria stared stupefied at the figure of Mira who had just emerged from the door. Mira was almost naked and her skin captivated the man’s eyes. At the same time, a girl with twin tails who had the appearance of a maid while waving her hair which glittered like sapphires forcibly turned the man in military uniform who had been ogling Mira’s body which had become visible from her thin clothes. Together with a dull sound.

The man falls prostrate and stares at the floor. While all this was happening, Litaria held Mira on her back and led her into the room.

“What on earth was that!?”

Mira had just been set down on the leather sofa while the door was closed. She had just been compulsorily returned to the room and had not understood. She requested an answer with a perplexed feeling while looking up at Litaria.

“It is because of this person here. Even if this is the sage’s room, it is because there is a visitor that it is wrong to leave with such an appearance.”

Showing a little anger, Litaria admonished her clothes. This was said, and Mira recalls the thing she is wearing and lowers her eyes. Her clothes were certainly the celestial maiden’s robe of feathers, nonetheless they could not be called anything but underclothes, in addition she noticed that they were also transparent. First of all when she was in her own room she generally had a carefree appearance. She only had a robe for combat prepared as a change of clothes.
After all, the robe of the sage is meant for combat in the first place. There was no need to inquire whether or not her current appearance was comfortable In the first place, it was something she was about to wear in order to go out. She did not mind at all what she wore in her private room.

“Unfortunately, there are no good clothes.”

“Right here. At least cover your body with this. While it is close to nonexistent there is a chance to be attacked by a pervert with carnal desire.”

Litaria said this and picked up a red and black robe from the sofa to cover Mira.
Mira pulled out her head from the collar of the robe and noticed that the size of the robe does not match her at all. Even the tips of her fingers did not leave the sleeves. In fact, the collar width was just right for Danbalf but for Mira, it was too wide going past her chest leaving a large opening. A bewitching appearance that was different from nakedness was produced.

“Its too big.”

“Because it is Danbalf sama’s, it was unreasonable to expect that it would fit her size.”

While saying these words, the maid girl unfastened her hair ornament which she had used personally to squeeze the neck of the robe and stopper it. The hair ornament had the shape of a red ribbon and Mira’s breast was decorated in a girlish way.

” Be firm……”

It was her favorite design robe too. Mira dropped her shoulders having had her dignity fade away because of that one hair ornament.

“Mira sama. Is it true that you are an apprentice of Danbalf?”

While the maid girl was straightening Mira’s collar, she stared intently at her eyes as if clinging to a thread of hope.

“Ah, yes it is like that. Mariana, I heard about you from master.”

The maid girl approached with a hanging breath, She had transparent sapphire eyes and hair with wings like that of a butterfly and an unchanging body. Her wings shook lightly as she approached. These wings were proof that she belonged to the fairy family which kept their appearance as that of a human child even while grown up. They used their wings to catch atmospheric mana and not wind to flap and flutter about in the sky.
Mariana was the only one of the fairy family to be Danbalf’s aide.

“You are good. Danbalf sama……..”

Mariana revealed a look of relief and her eyes became damp. Countless drops fell to cool her reddish cheeks.

Mira became flustered at the girl who began to weep abruptly. She was unable to bear it and half stretched out her hand to her cheeks. However, before she touched them, she returned her hand to her chin idly having perceived the meaning of Mariana’s tears.
The girl shed tears for Danbalf who had disappeared suddenly. She hesitated to touch Mariana because she had feelings of guilt for deceiving Mariana.

Mira was touched by the tears and she thought of something to say to stop them. Let’s at least reveal the truth only to Mariana. However, she gives it up. How would it go if she explains it? Would she believe that the chief Danbalf has become a girl? Should she take the trouble to? Wouldn’t Mariana be chocked?

Although Mira had thought of her as only just an NPC up until now. She thinks of herself and sheds tears. She did not yet understand how to deal with Mariana with her established self.
The thoughts of selfishness of not wanted to be rejected by a girl who adores herself fought with the desire to not cause anxiety to her. Then she swallowed the words that had begun to appear and fell into silence. She chose to remain silent with a selfish excuse.

Mira stares silently at her hand hidden in the sleeve with miserable feelings. Besides, Litaria responded to it and quietly wipes Mariana’s cheek and whispered “Its okay.”

“I’m sorry. I’m fine now.”

Mariana breathed out to sort her feelings and settle her mind. A familiar thyme resounds indoors.

“Um, Litaria sama, Mariana sama. Is it alright already?”

After a while, the muffled voice of a man could be heard. The man in the military uniform that Mariana had forcibly turned around had regained his consciousness. It had restarted to accomplish the duty he had been given by the king.

“Yes, we will go after this.”

Litaria replied to the voice. She returned her gaze on Mira with their original purpose. The person in question had stretched out on the sofa and was currently shaking her sleeve.

“Going? What business do I have with that soldier of the national army?”

“Yes, I reported to King Solomon about my meeting with Mira the other day. Then I’m told that a messenger came in person in order to let Mira see the king.”

“Oh, Is it Solomon……?”

King Solomon of the Arkite Kingdom. He is the player that founded this country. Furthermore, he was the ringleader who had invited Danbalf to live in this country. As for Mira, he was one of the friends who he had a longer association with than Luminaria.
However, Litaria and Mariana could not know such a thing. Mira’s attitude came off as disrespectful by calling King Solomon by his first name. However, it came from an adolescent who was stretching herself on the sofa so that it instead came off as a heartwarming feeling instead. In addition, Mira had used the same tone as Danbalf when saying those words. It was like a child imitating its parents. As for Mira, she was not aware of any of this,

“Luminaria sama as well, she has not yet left that place, I think it is possible to meet after the meeting.”

“Fumu, Is that so? If that’s the case then I will go immediately.”

The person named Solomon had the same possibility of being a player as well as Luminaria. Mira realized this and decides to accept the summons and stands up from the sofa.
However, when she went towards the door, Litaria and Mariana stopped her.

“Please wait, Mira sama.”

“Mu, What did I do this time?”

“Although we put a robe on you, It doesn’t mean that you can go out as is.”

Litaria uttered these words and dragged her hand out of her sleeve. In other words, the current condition of the robe was not suitable.

“Mira sama, please keep still. I will fix it immediately.”

Although it seemed to Mira that Litaria’s eyes sparkled suspiciously, she was soon captured without time to escape. After that Litaria with a joyful appearance suddenly pulled out a large quantity of ribbon out of nowhere and Mariana rolled up her sleeves.
Although Mira offered some resistance to the two people’s pushing and prodding, she was straightened and decorated.

“The problem is her undergarment.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The two people had just finished straightening out her appearance. The moment Mira came out, she recalled the celestial maiden’s robe of feathers. She considered what it would do within a robe. At the same time, a chill went up her back, she had been transformed into a shoujo dress-up doll. She did not want to think about what her body had become.
Now she had on a robe that covered her body. In the beginning she had a semi naked appearance. She did not have the memory of having worn an undergarment. In other words, Mira was not wearing any bra or panties.

The two girls could not allow a girl in their presence to be in such a state.
Mariana pondered a little and then thought of something. “There was that. Please wait just a minute.” she said. She opened the door to the bathroom where Mira had charged in with a defiant attitude from last night.

After a while Mariana returns with something in hand. Mira did not recognize the clothes on sight but she could see that they were clothes made of white cloth. Nevertheless, she traced her memories feeling that she had seen something similar to this before.

“Mhm, this is just right. Well, Mira sama.”

Litaria urged Mira to raise both her hands. Mariana with an “Excuse me” forcibly made Mira wear it. Mira’s will did not have any place there.

After Mira wore the clothing, she remembered what the shorts were. It was an undergarment frequently seen with the Gothic and Lolita style clothes.

“Why is such a thing in my………….no in master’s room…….”

Somehow she squeezed out those words. She questioned how an item like that appeared in the first place here.
Although she was sure that there were accessories classified as undergarments,Danbalf did not have such a hobby in collecting woman’s undergarments before. She did not remember placing such a thing in this room either, Speaking of undergarments, she had collected the seven color loincloths for the river ascent festival.

“Danbalf sama’s private room has a big and comfortable bathroom as expected.”

“Well it is certainly splendid……”

“It is for changing my clothes.”

“Is that so…….'”

In that instant Mira completely loses the will to resist. She hung her hand as she was turned into a complete dress up doll.

Her robe was decorated with a lot of ribbons. The hem of her skirt was interwoven so that it flared up. On her sleeves, ribbons were coiled into bows, One look would make anyone mistake her appearance for a mahou shoujo. Litaria and Mariana nodded to each other satisfied at their work. However, inversely proportional to their satisfaction, Mira’s expression stiffened as bitter smile built up on bitter smile.

“Well then Mira sama, let’s go.”

“The messenger is waiting for you.”

“I want to change clothes.”

“He can not wait any longer.”

“Although it was you who kept him waiting.”

“It is bad manners to have such an appearance.”

“While that may be true……”

Mira gave up the idea because she could not find the slightest hint of success with these two. She lowered her eyes and glanced at herself dressed in a robe like that of a mahou shoujo. ”
” Then let’s go.”

Litaria leads the way and opens the door. The man in the military uniform stood there in an upright posture just like when she first saw him. Although his cheeks were slightly red.

After Mira left the private room Mariana closes the door calmly. When the man saw Mira in a robe filled to the brim with ribbons he was surprised at the change. He recalled in his mind Mira’s appearance not too long ago which had most of her body showing and felt a little excitement at that.

Mariana noticed this quickly and scowled silently at the man like a dragon. The man who was standing upright flinched somewhat and bowed lightly clearing his throat and placing his right hand on his chest. This was the method of bowing for the army in the Arkite Kingdom. Mira’s expression cramped slightly at the same time.
That is to say, this military-style etiquette was conceived by Danbalf, Solomon and Luminaria when they thought about how to get the perfect mood going. This was after they had just won the thought to be hopeless first war after the founding of Arkite Kingdom. Because of this, the tension that was created was shaken off.
If it was a time of war the atmosphere and feeling when all the soldiers were saluting together was spectacular, but if it was just for Mira, then she could not suppress her embarrassment.

“It is the first time I have met you, I am Garret Astor who serves the Arkite Kingdom as the Deputy Head of the tank corps.”

“I am Mira.”

“You are Danbalf’s apprentice, Mira.sama. I was asked to deliver a message from the king and visit you.”

“I finished the conversation. Mira accepts the audience with the king willingly.”

“Is that all? Thank you very much, Then let us go at once, we have prepared a carriage.”

When the man said this he regained his serious expression, Mira was guided in front of the carriage.

“See you soon, be careful on your journey.”

“Mira sama, please allow me to hear about Danbalf in the future if possible?”

“Fu–mu, Well then. Let’s talk about this next time.”

“Thank you. I will wait.”

“Umu, later then.”

Mira while climbing into the carriage waves to the two people in farewell. She begins to rack her brains of how to explain Danbalf the next time they meet.


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