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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 10


Chapter 10 Garret does ____ to Mira!!?? Mira feels a tingling!!??

(Hey guys any thoughts of what that ___ word is? Comment below lol)

Inside the forest that continues from Silver Horn to the capital Lunatic Lake, one carriage dashes on a paved public road while letting out the sound of wheels and horseshoes.

The carriage had two swift horses. It was called the Chisato carriage because it was for the exclusive use of an important person when cases were urgent. It was not originally a thing used for pickup, but King Solomon wanted to meet Mira early.

While being jolted in such a carriage, Mira looks at the scenery flowing outside the window. “I say this is amazingly fast.” She is enjoying her first experience on a horse-drawn carriage.
Occasionally in game, she used the floating continent to move long distances. She cannot open the menu to use it now. This was because the command to use the floating continent disappeared from the menu column of the system.
“However, being able to use a floating continent in the current world is doubtful.” Like the present situation she herself is now in, she considered it more realistic and is not troubled by it, she decided to enjoy her current state as a girl.
A little less than two hours after leaving Silver Horn, Mira was not able to calm down and her eyes were swimming. The cause was due to the physiologic phenomenon she faced the other night.
The short and quick vibration of the carriage in particular continued to give a further sense of crisis in her abdominal region. For that reason, Mira was unable to bear it and she poked her head out to the coachman.

“Excuse me, is there a privy near here?”

“Kawa shop huh? I have not heard of such a thing, What kind of items does is it sell? I will buy it soon if you are willing to tell me because we are going to reach Silver Wand in the mountain district soon.”

“No, it is not a shop…….. “Oh dear, well the pheasant is shot I dare say…..”

“Pheasant, does it taste like chicken?” Incidentally, that reminds me that I haven’t had breakfast yet. I understand, we are slightly late, but let’s make for breakfast when we arrive at Silver Wand.

“Ah, that was a joke just now! Privy then privy.”

“Umu mu……….I’m sorry, there was no such shop like that in Silver Wand.”

“Listen! Toilet, restroom, bathroom, things like that! Ah…… mou Its fine here, stop I’ll just finish up under the shadow of that tree!”

“Eh…..Ah…..AH! So it was like that!”

She would have been able to hold it longer if it had been the body she had before. However the body that became a girl begins to rapidly approach its limit, Mira instinctively feels it. As it is now, she would wet herself.
She poked the back of the coachman several times in impatience to urge him to stop while pointing at a suitable place in the forest.

Mira jumped off before the two horses had stopped completely and she walked slowly and carefully over to the tree. She tucked the skirt of the robe up under the shadow of a suitable tree,
And now, she stopped moving to see the the underwear that concealed the lower half of her body. However, it was simply her hand. Both legs were more or less pigeon-toed and they continued to stomp the ground restlessly.

(How do I take these off????)

Contrary to her feelings of impatience, Mira was to begin with forced to wear these undergarments for the first time. Although it is deserved. Because it stayed in place with rubber, Mira tried to lower it by force but was prevented by her hipbone. It occurs to her to just tear the thing off, but at the last moment she reconsiders. As one would expect she was not able to tear a borrowed thing. However any more and she would wet the borrowed plum blossom silk fabric and fretting she accelerates.

Mira fails to pull it off sideways using her fingers to try to stretch it at the waist.

While feeling sweat begin to pour out from inside her body, she caught sight of a thin string. And then, she smiled wryly at her panicked state which had kept her from noticing such a natural thing.
The string was laced in a bow knot in the vicinity of her waist. She would have been able to understand at once if she had been calm. It is no wonder however, the processing in her brain had slowed down because she had not grown accustomed to her new body and it was the time she had been in such a situation.
It was not a big deal if she understood it, however she had finally understood it just before she reached the critical point. She hastened to unfasten it from her knees and squatted. At the same time, she was filled with a sense of liberation. Mira was greatly relieved.

Having done the act a second time, Mira was under the impression that she had perfectly mastered this body. However, she was made to notice the difference in a hurry. When she finished her business she was about to stand and wear the undergarments, when she recalled that girls had to wipe their bodies before hand.

In her carelessness she had not prepared paper, not to mention anything that could replace it. She opened the item section just to make sure, but it only held food. There were only some refining crystals and material items included.

When she shut the menu, she began looking for something that can be used for substitute. Within the forest, a small creature emits a light sound from the treetops. Grass grew in abundance, and various multicolored flowers peeked their heads through.

Mira looked briefly and plucked a fairly large white petal and used squatted down again using it as a substitute for paper.

“She hasn’t finished yet, I have to wait.:”

While paying attention to the area Mira had plunged into, the man was not able to compose himself. The girl emerges from behind the man.
To the voice of Mira he jumped somewhat, the man with a start stiffened his body from a guilt conscience. “I am sorry.” He spoke an apology with two meanings.

“Errr… For the time being, let’s go have breakfast at Silver Wand.”

“Well then, lets go.”

Apparently, Mira had not noticed. The man believed this and ran the carriage again while feigning tranquility. (WTF was this guy doing? Post any thoughts in the comments lol)

It was approximately one hour from the lavatory uproar, The journey was going well, the carriage was about to arrive in Silver Wand soon. However, it was only the journey that gone so favorably, as for Mira,she had faced unimaginable adversity.

(Oh god is that what I think it is? That flower………)

Inside the carriage, Mira writhed atop the seat in pain that she had never experienced before. She was in agony from the burning pain inside her private parts.
When she had begun to feel discomfort, she thought it was something peculiar to that female-specific place. However, the sense of discomfort gradually became too awful to endure and she confirmed the source of the pain. She then realizes the cause of the pain.

She arrived at the answer, that single petal. Rather, Mira thought that was the only thing that could have caused it. She could not imagine that it was caused by woman specific symptoms.

She guessed this and opened the item column to confirm whether she could do something for this. And then, one medicine was taken out from among the items in reserve.
It was a treatment medicine called “Versatile Ointment Medicine” that recovers abnormal status and heals some wounds.

When Mira stoops down to curl up in the corner of the seat, she felt some resistance to doing it. However, she applied the ointment relying on her memories and waited for the effects to appear.
The guess proves right after a short time, the symptoms due to the poison of the petal recovers from the detoxification of the ointment.
Mira with a feeling of relief falls down on the seat and murmurs “Already such unpleasantness.”
It is approximately ten minutes from the petal disturbance. When the carriage gradually stops, the coachman peeps his face out from the driver’s box.

“Mira sama, we have arrived at Silver Wand. Will you go to a dining room? Or, shall I buy anything?”

Mira thinks a little.

“Well then I shall trouble you and go to a dining room.”

As usual she answers with a prompt answer.
In the first place she had been living a life where most things were satisfied in virtual reality. It was unusual to walk under the sky, it was an age where everything was delivered to home, shopping not to mention work was done in VR.
But now, this world was different. She walked through the woods in person and was jolted in a carriage. You could say for sure that these were real first experiences. It was overwhelmingly inconvenient compared with conventional life. However Mira is now starting to feel that all of this was fun.
Mira felt that people’s minds were narrowed by too much convenience. Thinking that she wants to experiences many things, she gets off from the carriage under the blue sky.
Silver Wand.
It was located in a valley in the mountain range located between Lunatic Lake and Silver Horn. It was known as a town that had people whose occupations were agriculture, forestry, and mining.
Because it was a way station between the capital and the country’s greatest military strength, the trade has made it a prosperous large town.
The place Mira was now was a parking lot in the commercial area of the town. Several carriages are stopping on the grounds of the wide lawn and they queued up for the stables. Accordingly, they performed horse care and feeding.

The parking lots naturally charged. They charged every hour. Because the district where the Chisato wagon stopped is a parking lot for the the exclusive use enclosed by a hedge, it doesn’t cost anything. In other words, it is a carriage for a special person who is related to the imperial family or noble.
Therefore, It was impossible to not be the focus of people in the vicinity of the parking lot.

A man who works as the manager of this place took notice of the girl and man in a military uniform and was in turn speechless. This was because he knew the man who guarded the girl Garret Astor well. It was not only the manager of the parking lot who knew this man in the military uniform. There no one in this town that did not know of this tank corps vice-leader.
That kind of big shot, would not work as a body guard for a common girl. If it was an aristocrat, at most it could be an aristocrat with blood ties to the royal family.

Needless to say, everyone’s attention is focused on the girl who is with the big shot of the kingdom forces. Mira had white skin and fascinating silver hair, strong willed eyes and clad in a robe full of ribbons, It was an appearance that made everyone at a loss of words. Rather, mere words could not begin to describe the girl. Everyone’s sight was snatched away and they could only gaze at the girl silently.
The town of Silver Wand was surrounded by mountain scenery. Mira looks up into the sky while greatly stretching to loosen up her body.
While chasing a bird that flew across her vision with her eyes, she transferred her gaze to a bird that flew out from the woods and chased it further. Her body naturally spun around, but the person in question doesn’t notice at all.
Time returns to the manager of the parking lot when he heard the voice of Garrett asking him to take care of the horses somehow. Garret notices the glances from all around and scowls to turn them away.

Mira was convinced that they were jeering at her and when she was thinking of trying to escape their gazes, Garret returns from his conversation.

“I am sorry to have kept you waiting. Does Mira sama have anything in particular she wants to eat?”

To Garret’s inquiry, Mira responds “Whatever you recommend is fine.” while hiding herself in the shadow of his large body. At any rate, she poked his back in order to leave this place early.

“Well then, let me guide you to my favorite haunts.”

The appearance of the girl pressing Garret impatiently overflowed with the warmth of a parent and child. At the same time, people viewing that scene began wondering who on earth the girl is to be escorted by the vice-leader of the tank corps. However, they all came to the same recognition, this lady must surely be high class, up until now they had never encountered such a beautiful girl before.

Mira and Garret leave the parking lot and entered the main street using a path. They arrive in front of a dining room and inn.

“This way please. It is a small place, but the taste is guaranteed.”

Mira looked up at the wooden building. The name of the shop was written in large letters [Twilight Street Pavilion]. As often as is the case, one is able to perceive the interior with the Western style door. With Mira’s height she was unable to see the interior and could only see the ceiling.

“It has been a long time since I have been small. Excuse me for saying such a a rude remark.”

When the two looked back at the sudden voice of a woman from behind, they saw a woman in her 20s with a shopping basket in both hands scowling at Garret. She was a simple but beautiful woman who had shoulder length chestnut brown hair which peeked out from her bandanna. She had a white and blue apron dress which was embroidered with “Twilight Town Pavilion.” She is a helper in this shop.

“Oh, Sherry. Long time no see.”

“Is this real? Show your face a little more….WHAT!? WHO IS THAT ADORABLE CHILD!!?”

Sherry placed the shopping basket aside she looked at Mira who was looking up at Garret and in a natural flow, placed her hand on her head and stroked it.

“You, stop this!”

Mira who brushed off Sherry’s hand, judged that she was the type of female who would treat her like a child. She substituted Garret for a shield and hid herself.

“KYA——~! SHE’S SO CUTE—–~!”

Sherry remembers the expression of vigilance that crossed Garret’s face. Mira’s appearance was like a small animal and this awakened her motherly instincts.

“This person is Mira.”

“Hee–~, Mira chan he says. Adorable~. Mira cha~n.”

Sherry’s expression loosens even more as she sidled up to Mira.

“Sherry. Mira dislikes this, please leave and go over there.”

“Yes yes yes yes.”

Mira continues saying these words while hiding herself in his shadow. Like that, her appearance degenerated further, but because she put not being disliked as top priority Sherry controls herself.

“Hey hey Garret. What are you earnestly doing with Mira?”

“I am in the middle of sending her to Lunatic Lake, but we did not have breakfast.”

“So we stopped here. We will eat a nice meal.”

When Sherry recovered her shopping basket, she opened the swinging door and guided the two people in.

“Hey, lets wait until the counter seat becomes vacant. ……..Is Mira still angry?”

While Sherry is hidden in Garret’s shadow, she stares at Mira who has yet to drop her vigilance with a slightly sorry look,

“I do not think that Mira sama would get angry at this sort of thing.”

Garret is right, Mira is not angry. She was only ashamed that she was treated like a child.
However, the woman’s face looked lonely so against her will, Mira went out from Garret’s shadow.

“Do not treat me like a child.”

She only conveyed these few words. However to Sherry, she saw a girl trying to act like an adult. She was driven by an impulse to hug her with all her might, but she shook it off in a moment.

“Mira chan is adorable!”

Right after Sherry utters these words she threw down the shopping basket and jumps with vigor. Mira was hugged tightly. Because it was a direct expression of love she could not forcibly shake it off. Mixed with a sigh she murmured “This was the result of making my avatar like this……”


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