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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Mira thinks about doing that !?

(Would’ve had a double post up yesterday but those last few sentences stalled me for half a day, I still don’t know how to translate them so if anyone could please tell me….As always if you find any mistakes drop a comment below.)

Mira finished eating at the Twilight Street Pavilion and received a strawberry milkshake from Sherry to quench her thirst.
The taste of the milk which was sweet and the acidity of the strawberry was blended skillfully. For Mira the taste and compatibility of it were perfect such that her countenance naturally loosened.
Of course, Sherry was being sure that she would not miss that moment. She embraced Mira closely with a “Mira chan CUTE—-~!” Having received the strawberry milkshake, Mira understands that it is useless no matter what is said to Sherry causing her to completely give up.

Garret smiled watching the two people while he chatted with Varga who was the manager of this inn and father of Sherry. “She gets it from my wife.” Varga jokingly said though the laughter did not reach his eyes, To this, Garret could do nothing but smile wryly. To cut the long story short, this was the reason that he did not drop by this hotel very much.

A man named Varga with the same color as Sherry’s short hair made very delicate dishes with a rugged body strengthened in the mountains.
The contents of the meal the two ate were chicken sandwich with roasted vegetables and chicken interspersed between two slices of white bread. Garret had remembered the earlier conversation with Mira about pheasants. Sherry also brought a tart pudding who fed it to Mira. These were both Varga’s works and his attention to detail on the visuals overflowed, not to mention the taste. When he gave the guide recommendation he left out his own personal feelings aside and recommended this inn.

“Then shall we go soon?”

Garret waits for Mira to finish gulping down the strawberry milkshake and then drinks up his herbal tea and stands up. At the same time Sherry pouts.

“Hey stay and rest for a while longer.”

“Although we would like to we cannot. Even though we are like this we still in the middle of a job.”

“Yes, let us go early.”

Mira senses that this was a good opportunity to escape from Sherry’s hands and stood up from her seat.

“”Aah, Mira chan!!”

Sherry began to tidy up the counter while staring in disappointment at Mira who had slipped away, She was thinking that she would have been a popular poster girl to draw in customers for the shop.

“Thank you for the delicious meal. I will come back some other time.”

“Thank you for the treat.”

“Come again. And bring the ojou chan as well. I will always have a strawberry milkshake prepared and waiting.”

While Mira was preparing her ribbon covered robe, she reacted to the words strawberry milkshake.

“Fumu, I will try when this girl is absent.”

She proposed a minimum compromise.

“Mira chan….so cruel….”

“She goes out approximately before noon to begin shopping, that would be a good time to visit.”

“”Hoho, I will try to keep that in mind.”

“Even father!???”

Sherry staggers unnaturally to the counter and was overwhelmed by the reality that she had no allies.

When they made it back from Twilight Street Pavilion, the two people returned straight to the parking lot. Mira climbed into the carriage before she was noticed. The two horses were well taken care of by the manager and are happy. When they fixed the harness in place, they neighed with plenty of strength while not showing the slightest bit of fatigue.

Garret hastened to fulfill his duty by starting up the Chisato carriage. However the instructions were to escort her courteously, since she needed breakfast he had to put up with it despite wanted to hurry. They originally were to pass by Silver Wand but they took a break to eat breakfast.
Garret felt a little pressed for time and while holding the reigns, he makes the horse-drawn carriage run.

Mira had no way of knowing this matter and looked around the street of Silver Wand from the window of the carriage with great interest.

<This town must have been made over the last 30 years.>

Mira did not have a town named Silver Wand in her memories. While feeling the flow of time, her mind leapt at the freshness of the scenery passing by.

When the carriage got out of the main street and left the town, they headed to a forest road. They continued straight ahead on the road and before long they arrived at an open space. .In front of them was a cliff that had been cut off by numerous stone blocks. The public road continued into the depths of a large half moon hole in the center.

Mira who had been riding in the carriage was surprised at the scenery which faded away thinking that they were getting clear of the forest. She was able to see the walls of the stone from the window which lead into the interior when the light from the entrance gradually grows dimmer.
Mira felt ringing in her ears and remembered that the carriage was inside a tunnel.
However, in the mountain between Lunatic Lake and Silver Horn she does not remember a tunnel in her memories and pokes her head into the driver’s box.

“It is remarkable to have such a tunnel here. When was this built?”

“The Benedict tunnel? If I am not mistaken, Solomon ordered the construction of this tunnel 30 years ago. I heard that it was completed in five years.”

“Oh, was that so?”

<That guy. So he is working properly huh?>

When Mira looks at the front, she understood that a spiritual art burned with light at equal intervals and that this was the thing lighting up the tunnel. Although it was somewhat dim, there was enough light to read a book by.

It was inconvenient to come and go between Lunatic Lake and Silver horn because they were separated by the mountain range. Since the floating continent could not be used and the only means of transportation was the carriage, this tunnel could be said to be indispensable to transportation.
Mira also picked up some information from Garret’s words. They were Solomon’s orders and thirty years ago.
In other words, Solomon was living in this world for 30 years when Danbalf disappeared.
Is Solomon himself a player? She could only confirm when she sees him.

Mira turns back to her seat thinking that travel over the mountains through a tunnel was too slow. She could only stare outside at the monotony of the scenery from the window.
The sound of the echoing horseshoes and wheels, the monotonous scenery, the feeling of a full stomach and the cradle like vibration. These factors came together exquisitely and Mira nodded off to sleep and began sleeping peacefully.
When they passed through the tunnel, a blue sky spreads out in front and in the distance a lake shaped like the crescent moon projected the color of the sky.
The Arkite castle where King Solomon of the Arkite Kingdom lives is near the center where it touches the lake. The capital Lunatic Lake surrounds the lake.

The carriage with Mira in it got out from the forest which stretched to the foot of the mountain and ran at full speed out across the Rageddo plateau as the evening twilight descended.
There was a countless number of plants and bare rock in the meadow. Small animals lurked there sometimes and occasionally faces popped up from the gaps in the spaces to peek at the departure of the carriage.
Mira rubs her eyes with the back of her hand when she was woken up by the light of the setting sun. She rolls to her other side in order to escape from the light. She yawns a tiny bit after that and places her arm on the window frame and her hand on her chin. While looking at the flowing scenery that is slowly fading in the distance, she takes out [Appure] in order to quench her throat and tipped the bottle.
The wind which entered through the window made Mira’s silver hair flutter. It caressed her warm body which had just woken from a nap.

“Hou, This place is huge.”

Mira who had moved her gaze forward expressed a voice of admiration as she saw the big cityscape snuggling up to the crescent moon shaped lake as they were pressing forward.
The capital Lunatic Lake looked down on the Rageddo plateau from a distance. Each lake was surrounded by ramparts like a full moon.
The town had grown far larger than the one in Mira’s memory.
Eventually, Mira found a big building that stands out awfully and made an appearance in the driver’s box again.

“Excuse me, what is that large building in town?”

“That large building?”

Mira pointed towards the town when she called him. When Garret see’s the girl’s happy profile he confirms that it was the destination and saw her excited.
The big building which first caught her eye was in fact the Arkite castle which was enshrined in the center. However, it would be hard to believe that Mira would ask such a rudimentary question. The fact was that there were four buildings excluding the castle that Garret could see that would fit the description of big building.
Within the town, around the area that was in the middle of the distance from the king’s castle to the ramparts were several eye-catching facilities that were located in the cardinal points. Everyone who lived in Lunatic Lake knew of them.

“Aah, is that the Wu Xing Organization?”

“Wu Xing Organization?”

“Yes, those facilities are the result of Solomon sama’s Wu Xing planning. They began to be constructed at around the same time as Benedict tunnel.
The waste treatment grounds in the south, the drug development laboratory in the north and the workman atelier in the west were built sequentially with the Arkite educational institution in the east. Together they are called the Wu Xing Organization.

“Hoho, indeed.”

The ideology of Feng Shui used the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, and Gold. Solomon’s policy which he had based the structure of his capital on was Kyoto. Mira is convinced that that fellow seems to think grandly.
Solomon was a Feng Shui lover. This began from a certain event when he was playing in-game, After that he studies it with zeal. Mira was told at every opportunity whenever her economic fortune was going up.
Solomon was the cause of Mariana being obsessed with Feng Shui.

When Mira came to an understanding, she returns to her seat and places her arm on window frame while holding her chin. The distant town was not yet visible. As she placed her lips to the [Appure] starting to drink, she leisurely looked at the scenery where a flock of migrant birds were in flight.
The weather was good as well. The situation now was that of being shaken in a carriage with a quiet plateau in the background.
Although she was puzzled at this situation, if she had to say she would classify the present situation as [Happiness]. Mira begins to think this gradually.

When the bottle of [Appure] was finished being drunk, it was put in the corner of her feet and two new [Appure] were taken out.
Mira came to coach box quietly and recommended it to Garret with a “Do you drink?”

“Ah, thank you Mira sama.”

Garret for a moment was engrossed in the innocent smile and atmosphere of a lady that Mira wore and received the [Appure] in a fluster.

“May I know the reason you joined the army?”

Mira casually asked. She wanted to speak about something.

“The reason I entered the army?”

Garret mumbled “That’s so isn’t it……..” while he drank the [Appure]. This exquisite flavor had a soothing feeling to it which seemed to heal his spirit. “This, this is delicious.” He leaked these words reflexively. Mira answered with a “Is that so?” while exuding a triumphant air.

“After all, was it father’s influence?”

“Hou. Does your father participate in campaigns as well?”

“Yes. Although saying so is embarrassing, but he was my aspiration. He is the commander of the first magic knight corps. I wanted to enter the magic knight corps because of my father originally.

“To be a dutiful son. Father would have certainly been pleased.”

“No no, as expected I cannot say such a thing face to face. Therefore this is a secret Mira sama.”

He placed his finger to his lips. The expression of Garret as he said that it was secret was very gentle, it was understood that he is always thinking of his father. Although it was a gesture like that of warning a child, Mira tolerated it as she could feel the warm feelings from the heart from it.

“Well, that’s good. Your father must be a lucky person.”

“Is that so?”

“Umu, I would want to have a dutiful son like you if I were a father.”

“In Mira’s case, would you not be a father but a mother?”

“Ah, so it seems…….”

Although she tends to inadvertently forget, she smiles wryly recognizing that she was a girl again.

Mira in conclusion says “Well then stay devoted.” Saying these words, she patted Garret’s head in retaliation and returns to her seat. Seemingly ashamed “Yes. however, this.” Mira showed a big smile when she got Garret to say this. (hmm this and the last sentence were a bit confusing.)
I am not a father but a mother. Although she did not think of it at all, she reconsidered not being a parent.
Be that as it may, that act would be required. She could not imagine herself being embraced by someone. Mira abandoned the idea since she did not want to do it. (Lol she still thinks she is a man after all….)
It is impossible because she dislikes children anyways. Rather if a child was born to herself, how would she have done so, and what would she name it? (Coughs up blood, urgh this sentence has defeated me… no clue as to how to translate this so yolo.) She recalled having thought such things with her lover. They were far off memories now. (So that guy had a girlfriend when she was a guy? Makes you wonder.)

In order to not become a parent she would have to watch attentively because of that. Mira was able to understand the meaning. (Not much clue on this either… I don’t understand how she would watch out for that, not like anyone could overpower her to do it….) At that time she began to think and decided to just enjoy her second life in her new appearance. When concluding this, she drank up the second [Appure].


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