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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Mira becomes embarrassed?

(Sup guys, I procrastinated on my tests by translating this guy, this chapter actually did not take me long at all for some reason mhm….. I wonder why. As usual if you find something awkward in this please let me know in the comments, I’ll get to it eventually?”
When the carriage with Mira gradually lowers its speed, it stops in front of the gate which towered in a imposing manner.
Only the ramparts that wholly enclosed the capital which overlooked the plateau can be seen. When one looks up at it, it conveyed an overpowering feeling which splendidly denoted the Arkite Kingdom’s national defense strength.
Mira leans forward from the window of the carriage. When she looked up at it she says “It really is huge.” The difference between the walls of now and 30 years ago made her heart excited.

The capital, how much have you changed?
Mira shook off the various thoughts, she had decided that she would now enjoy the changes in the world.

The gate where the Chisato carriage had stopped was not the front gate of the Arkite Kingdom. It was a special gate leading to the carriage passage that leads straight to the Imperial castle.
When Garret exchanges some words with the gate-keeper, the big gate opens letting out a solid dull sound.

When the gate-keeper raises his hand, he sends a signal. The bell at located at the top of the gate rang out high in the sky. Then a bell tolls in response to it from a distance away. It tells of the arrival Chisato carriage far and wide.
There were 5 intersections in total that crossed the carriage pathway. Each time a military escort comes out and begins to stop traffic with a black yellow stick. It was a special thing used whenever things important to the country had to pass by such as the Chisato carriage. For that reason it was necessary for a heightened state of alert.

“Hey, this is a surprising reception.”

While leaning forward over from the window of the carriage, Mira despondently muttered this at the sheer size of the affair. She saw the military escorts lining up in regular intervals on the other side of the open gate.

The carriage starts to run slowly but gradually picks up speed. It reaches maximum speed in a few seconds and the scenery of the town rapidly recedes to the rear.

The residents of the town seeing the Chisato carriage running at full speed had eyes full of curiosity. When their eyesight caught the appearance of Garret serving as the coachmen, they guessed that this was an important matter. However, at the same they caught a glimpse of the girl covered in ribbons from the window and were captivated. All their interest in that instant was taken away by that fleeting figure.

When the grand impression of the scenery through the window begins to gradually fade, Mira finds one building that soars above the rest.

It is one of the Wu Xing organizations. the Arkite Educational Institution. In the center of the grounds partitioned off by a high wall, was a magnificent schoolhouse enshrined like a palace. Mira decided to make a tour of the Wu Xing Organizations first in her sightseeing schedule.
While being jolted in the carriage the scenery that passes by gradually drops in speed. They stop gently near the castle gate in front of the imperial castle.

“Did we finally arrive?”

Mira who had been keeping still stretched in order to loosen her stiff body. She stealthily dropped the empty bottle of [Appure] that she had finished drinking into the corner of the step.

“Many thanks. Mira sama.”

When Garret opened the carriage door, he bows and stretched out his hand to escort.

“Thank you.”

“But it is unnecessary.” While saying so, Mira gently brushes Garret’s hands away and jumps the short distance to the ground. The Imperial castle she looked up at was not different from the one in her memory. Half assured and half disappointed, Mira lowered her gaze and was at a loss of words for this place which had been only the one not to change.

The inner gate opens slowly, and on the carriage path a grander reception awaited.

On both sides of the passage from the castle gate to the Imperial castle were knights standing in a line with raised swords before their eyes. Their swords hardly wavered and behind these sword wielding knights were knights with spears in their hands lined up. In addition a soldier waved the national flag at equal intervals among them.

“Well then…..this is fairly considerable..”

“King Solomon must be pleased that much with Mira’s visit.”

“That guy….”

“Speaking of Danbalf sama, he is a hero of this country. This level is ordinary when meeting his apprentice.”

“Fumu, such is life.”

“It is certainly like that. Then Mira sama, let us go.”

When the two people parted from the carriage, the castle attendant brings the Chisato carriage to the stables.

At the same time as Garret escorted Mira across the gate, the sound of a drumbeat shakes her eardrums intensely. The group of knights slanted their swords and pushed forward their shields which had national emblem carved on them. The knights lined up in the second row meanwhile raised their spears in a slant to form a passage of arches which continued from the castle gate to the castle.

“Well then, this is …considerable”

“Somehow, I am also feeling somewhat comfortable.”

While inside the grand welcome for Mira, Garret who is her guide, turned towards her smiling happily.

“Really, that guy.”

A carefree expression began to be revealed on Mira’s face. She had a favorable impression about Garret’s personality. She praised Solomon who had such a subordinate in her mind.
The two people were pushed from behind by the gratifying sound of the drum and fife band through the grandiose arch and entered the castle. Ahead two palace guards waited in the entrance. They bowed and said “We will guide you to the see the king.” Because Mira did not like standing out that much, she followed them feeling relieved with the silence.

When the palace guards opened the door the king;s room, an elegant scent of flowers drifts out. A carpet has been laid on the floor. From Mira’s side it was separated by color with blue, green, red, and white at regular intervals.
There were five people with the king. One boy stood out as he sat on the throne which rose several steps above.
He had a little pair of golden eyes with light green hair and a crown with innumerable gems adorned his head. At first glance the boy who wore gorgeous clothes and sat on the throne feels out of place. However his appearance belied the fact that he has governed the country for 30 years.
A seemingly mischievous expression was worn on his face as he watched Mira. This boy is the king of the Arkite Kingdom and a friend of Danbalf, he was King Solomon.

There was no difference in Mira’s memory. His appearance was the same as the last time she had seen him although his clothes seemed somewhat more gorgeous than previously.

In front of King Solomon standing on a step lower was a knight who wore the atmosphere of an extraordinary person. He was a magician wearing a black shaded hood that concealed his face. When the two people beheld Mira with their eyes, the figure of a too lovely magician girl was seen and smiles appeared on their faces. However, the knight breathed a sigh of disappointment when he thought that the apprentice of the hero Danbalf was just a young girl.

Garret took a step forward and kneeled.

“I have accompanied Mira sama, the apprentice of the Elder Danbalf.”

Saying that, he bows.

“We appreciate your efforts. You may retire.”

Standing with a stately dignified air next to the throne, the name of the man who spoke was Suriman. He belonged to the elf family with a handsome face and blonde hair.

Garret moved to the side with a “Excuse me.”

“Nice to meet you Mira san. I am Suriman. I am King Solomon’s aide.”

“I am Mira.”

Mira shifted her gaze to Suriman and answered briefly. Garret who had arrived at the presence of the king panicked greatly at Mira’s unchanged grand figure.

However, Mira who was completely ignorant of Garret’s feelings folded her arms and placed her hand on her chin and [Investigated] Solomon.

However, no information floats into Mira’s view when she gazes at Solomon. When she watched Suriman instead, she could confirm his full name and status.

<This, what kind of thing is it……>

“To come straight to the point first of all, I want to confirm whether or not you are truly an apprentice of Danbalf, will that be all right?”

The words of Suriman calls back Mira from her considerations of the differences between the two people.

“Ah, I do not mind.”

When Mira pulls out the Tower Master Key from the item column with a [Here it is.] she stepped up to meet Suriman halfway.

However, at that moment. The knight who could not let that pass suddenly jumped out unsheathing his sword.

“Do not approach any further! You bastard, you go too far with your disrespect!”

Together with an angry voice the tip of a sword pointed towards Mira.

Knight Reynard who acts as the head of the Arkite Kingdom Imperial Knight Guards. Just before the audience with King Solomon, he was told to not mind it even if the other party did not know some etiquette. Therefore, he endured the matter of not kneeling and manner of speech and held his words. However, it exceeded his boiling point when she approached the king without permission.

Although Mira did not know, there was a distance that one could draw near the king. The distance is decided by rank. For guests, the regulations were that they must not step any further than the black section of the carpet excluding special cases.

“What, I would not be able to pass it along if I do not approach.”

“You should hand it to the palace guard who waited next to you!”

Solomon and Danbalf stood shoulder to shoulder before. For Mira, she came with the mindset of meeting a friend and being able to talk a little. Because this was the only thing in her head, the importance of being the top of the country and the seriousness of having an audience were missing entirely.

Although Mira in those days spoke with a similar attitude, the knight’s expression was now mixed with anger and there were different circumstances in the present time. Mira did not have the slightest clue as to how one would conduct themselves in such a public place. Embarrassed, she pinched the tip of the sword with her finger and presented the tower key to the knight.

“Was it like that? I am sorry. Just, if it is fine for you, could you not deliver this?”

“You bastard…..How far…… First of all, withdraw!”

The enraged knight pulled the sword in his hand with strength. Despite all that, the sword which the girl was pinching did not move an inch. Reynard had a shocked expression on his face.

“Reynard, bring it.”

The brief voice of the boy on the throne ordered him.

“However Solomon sama. This person, she is too intolerable!”

“First of all, I told you already at the beginning. It is included in that category as well. Or do you intend to keep me waiting further?”

Reynard visibly withered under Solomon’s gaze. Although Mira was the one who did not know a thing, she thought that he was a poor thing. However when she thought back to his attitude when he snatched the tower key, she dismissed that.
When Mira released the pinched tip of the sword, Reynard glared at the slender white arm that peeked out the robe. He concluded that a dubious art had been used and his precaution towards Mira thickened further.

Meanwhile, Garret sees that the atmosphere was settled for the time being and secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
While Mira returns to her original standing position, Solomon receives the tower key from Reynard and confirms that it is certainly the key of the tower of summoning.

“It is certain that this must come from Danbalf. There is no room for doubt if this was passed from master to apprentice.”

Solomon said so and passed it to the guard who delivered it to Mira.

When Mira receives the tower key she puts it away in the item box. In order to escape the eyes of Reynard who is still glaring at her, her gaze wandered.

“Since confirmation was able to be proven, Let’s assume that her status is changed. Apprentice of Danbalf, I want to hear the story of your master who had been absent for 30 years. Is that good?”

“Umu, I do not mind.”

Mira answers the timely offer promptly.

“Well then, my office should be good. I can talk more calmly than here. Everyone remaining should be good to join the feast of the parade corps.”

When Solomon says this, Reynard takes a step forward again. “A wry smile appears on Mira’s face at the same time.

“Solomon sama. Even if she is the apprentice of Danbalf, it is still dangerous to leave you two alone when we know nothing of her true character. Please, I would like you to let me attend your company!”

When Reynard glances at Mira, he takes a deep bow and makes the proposal to Solomon.

Although Mira did not know his true character she shook her head at Reynard’s loyalty.

“Reynard, are you saying that I am inferior to such a young girl?”

Solomon became clad in a serious spirit when he spoke to Reynard. King Solomon, even though he had the appearance of a boy had governed the country for 30 years. Not only politics, in a world where military prowess decided the fate of the country above all. It can be easily guessed that Solomon’s true strength who kept reigning as the king of one of the countries in the world was his wisdom.

“No. It is not unreasonable! It is just that this person uses suspicious arts, it is just guarding against an emergency.”

Mira did not have any idea as to the suspicious art Reynard alludes to. It was no wonder, Reynard was only mistaking it for an art. He had the superior physique and selfishly concluded that he could not be defeated by a delicate girl in strength. Actually, strength correction was caused by Mira’s equipment. However because Reynard did not understand by what means Mira’s arts worked, there was no way to explain.

“The one called Mira. Do you have mind to do me harm?”

“Why would I do something like that? I only came to talk to you.”

“So she says. There are many things I wish to speak to you about as well. Will you not listen to reason? Reynard.”

“However, in the unlikely event that something were to happen to Solomon sama’s body, I …….”

Reynard clenches his fist tightly. However, the magician who has been keeping silent until now interrupted the back and forth exchange.

“How about we do it this way. Reynard and I will wait in the corridor in front of the office. If anything happens we only have to rush in. Mira sama is not Danbalf sama, in the short time it takes before we enter, there is no reason for something to have been done to Solomon sama.”

“Uhuh, Umu…..that is right still….”

“Well then we will do this. I actually wanted to join the feast too, but because Reynard is like that, there is no help for it but to keep Reynard company. I and Reynard san. Do you not think that this is enough?”

The magician who suggested this placed his hand on Reynard’s shoulder while smiling.

“It is a good plan. Joaquin sorry for troubling you. Let us try to hold a banquet in the near future.”

Solomon says this in a short breath and stands up.

“No no not at all, I do not deserve this. I will have Reynard treat me.”


Reynard could not say anything but grimace.

“Then, shall we go?”

When Solomon says this, the three begin to walk to the office corridor.


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