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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Solomon ecchi?

(Sup guys, this chapter almost made me want to stop translating this all together, this full of dialogue chapter was intense. Made me want to give up multiple times. Decided to try to see if anyone would be willing to help with some difficult sentences on a page I created just for this. Anyways thanks to madospicy, yu3kino, tripsfedorafrenzy85, and talos1279. Thanks without you guys this chapter would not have happened.)


The King’s office was located in the third floor of the imperial castle in place where it overlooked the lake.
Inside this room there were only two people, Mira and Solomon. Knight Reynard and Magician Joaquin who his aides were waiting in the hallway before the door.
The office was surrounded by bookshelves filled with various documents on the history and technology of this world. Solomon sinks into his leather chair. Mira lightly looked about the room when she sat down on the corner of the sofa which was half buried under documents.

“Well, it really is cluttered.”

“There is too much work, I won’t be able to handle going back and tidying things up.”

Although the other party was a girl, Solomon spoke casually with no consideration to his position as king. Mira has already completely forgotten the difference in status.

“Fuu, I can finally speak calmly.”

“Umu, It seems that way.”

So speaking, the two sat up and exchanged mutual glances.

“First of all, is it fine if I could verify one thing?”

Solomon raises his forefinger while staring at Mira.

“Fumu, what is it?”

Mira moves the randomly placed documents on the sofa to her feet in order to stabilize her position and be more comfortable. She listens for an answer.

“You……,are you not Danbalf?”

With those words, the documents Mira obtained floated to the floor. Mira’s eyes were wide with surprise. She turned her eyes to Solomon. This was because she was in the middle of thinking about how to speak without hindrance. Her intention was to if possible, have as little damage to her image as possible. By no means did she expect that the other party would just call it out.
There was no dialogue for feeling the topic out. Solomon’s mind hid an expression of mischief. He was smiling as he already is convinced.

Also, Solomon’s expression was the same so that Mira would not know the difference. She was convinced that the boy in front of her was the close friend she had a rivalry with.

Although she did not know the reason, the conversation ended early. It was not necessary to deceive him here. Mira disregarded her image and concluded that she should first grasp the current situation. She left the documents she had dropped and sat deeply on the sofa again.

“You have understood well.”

In short, Mira affirms it. At those words Solomon burst into loud laughter although he had been holding back his grin.

“That appearance, you completely changed!”

“There are various reasons for this….”

“Even though your appearance had changed. Well, you are you after all. A lolicon.”

“Just leave me alone.”

Mira pouted like a girl and Solomon smiled with his whole face like a boy. At first glance, one would not think that the two were the top duo of the country, the top magician and the top ranking official, the king. Meanwhile, the two who waited in the corridor heard the sounds emanating from the door. They experienced a sense of relief after hearing the sound of laughter from the king who had not laughed for a long time. How many years has it been?
“First of all, could you tell me? This world…..what is it??”

Mira posed the most simple, straightforward question.
Solomon who has finished laughing arranged the information in his head while returning to his earlier attitude. He sums it all up in one phrase.

“I do not know.”

“You don’t know? You are saying that you spent 30 years in this world and you know nothing!?”

“That’s right. To be precise, this world is not a game but a reality. Were we born on a world that exists somewhere else in the known universe? Or perhaps are we in a completely different dimension with totally different laws of nature? Does this world operate on laws that exist completely outside our reasoning? To that extent it still has not become clear.”

“I see. However either way, this is reality is it not?”

“I wonder if that is certain. For 30 years spent clearly aware to be a dream, what kind of daydream is that?”

When Solomon shrugs his shoulder he glanced at a part of the bookshelf which stored the summaries of events that had occurred during the last 30 years. He praised himself with a “I held on well.” when he looked back on those burdens he faced.

“Well, I have still not come to a decision as to whether or not this is a dream.”

“It’s reasonable since it has only been less than a day, but unfortunately, this is reality.”

Yesterday. Those words reminded Mira of a question that she was anxious about.

“By the way, Solomon. How did you know that I was Danbalf?”

Mira remembered that she had hardly given any hints. If she had to say getting the tower master key from the master was not such an awkward excuse. In fact, Litaria and Mariana saw this and were satisfied. In the first place, the sudden appearance of a person who had disappeared 30 years ago would not be likely be expected. However, Solomon clearly guessed it right.
Mira was convinced that there was a good reason for that, so she asked for an answer.

“Mmm, that’s right. Simply put, because it would become too long if there were details, he received a report of a girl called Mira who was a summoner summon a Dark Knight with monstrous level to help the Elite Magic Knights’ strategy. He also heard that the apprentice of Danbalf was a girl called Mira who showed up at the towers immediately after that.

“With that alone, did you understand?”

“Is this the groundwork? This information was confirmed from the friend list last night. Your name which was offline until now was now online.”

“So it was the friend list?”

Of course, there was no way Mira would not know of this. It is a list that can confirm whether or not a registered friend is playing the game.
Mira considered it but she had a problem. It was that he did not know where the friend list was on the menu. She might have thought to open the list if it was there, however she did not think of it thus far. The reason why was that the friend list button had vanished from the menu.
However, Solomon says that Mira was confirmed to be online in the friend list.

“The friend list button disappeared, how did you check it?”

“Ah, Is it like that? Have you only come back yesterday? If that is the case then you only know how it was used in the game.”

Solomon said so and placed his fingertip on the bracelet on his left arm. He placed it on the position to open the menu and continues touching it. Then a menu is projected that only Solomon could see. However a different screen was projected.

“You should do it this way. Try it.”

While Mira was still looking at the menu, she gets to a different screen different from the one she has been seeing until now by pressing the button longer. There she confirms the entry.


The entries that were lined up were from the top: [Friend List[, [Map], [Skill], [Guild].

“I have not seen these entries before….”

When Mira muttered this, she selected the entry [Map] which floated in midair, however the screen becomes pure-white and nothing changes.

“Hey Solomon. What is this map? Although I thought that would not be such a thing…”

As it was too early to ask questions of whether or not she understood it, Solomon turns his eyes to Mira while shutting down the screen.

“The map is a new entry that has been added. When you put the map entry into the important item column, it is possible to find it easily and it becomes convenient.

“Hou, there was such a usage?” That is convenient is it not?”

Mira received an explanation and understood the convenience of the new entry immediately.
The map function could be said to be essential in a game that has a vast world as a stage, It was not in Arc Earth Online. Speaking of that, only a rough continental chart was sold in the three initial countries. However the price it was sold for reached a degree that beginner whom the map was most necessary for could not reach it. In the future though, players produced a detailed map. Nevertheless when the map of each area was taken out, it was not possible to open it and confirm. Needless to say, even their present location is not marked.

“That might be so. If you have a map, you should move it to the important column.”

This was said and Mira immediately opened the item column, however she did not have any map.

“Ah, yes. I traveled on the floating island.”

“Oh my. That is extremely unfortunate.”

What was the floating island? It was the billing item floating continent that cost 2,000 yen. Mira messed around in the item column. She had placed everything in her wooden house on top of the floating continent. Whether it was a dungeon, field or labyrinth, in most cases when she went somewhere she used the floating continent and only opened the map to figure out how to get there. That backfired now.

Mira recalls one more thing.

“Now that you mention it, the billing item entry can’t be found.”

“It seems that the billing item entry has disappeared. In addition, the message box, log out, and shutdown entries have also disappeared.”

The billing item entry was the entry that managed all the billing items. This entry was also used to perform movements on the floating continent. It having disappeared meant that it has become impossible to use the floating continent.


“I was also disappointed at first. I had put all the all color sacred sword on the floating island…… Ah, now I remember all the good items that were lost……..”

And like that the two people lit up by the lamp illumination recall the memory of the items that were lost as they stared into empty space. The shadow that fell on the wall reflected the minds of the two people which flickered.

“Just for all that, you summoned me too quickly did you not?”

“Such a thing. It was too good a timing. Even if your appearance changed, if a vanity case were used then. It is not an impossible story.”

“That’s right. If I knew this would happen I would not have used it despite having bought it…..”

“Now that you mention it, you fussed over taking a SS screenshot so much so that you ended up making a collection of cool poses, did you change anything?”

“Hmmmm that is……it would take long if I spoke of it.”

Mira while saying so, explains about the mail about how the account balance would become invalid and how the only thing that could be bought with 500 yen is the vanity case. Continuing, she hit upon the ideal female image and having stayed up all night, she manipulated and selected parts from the vanity case that fit her interest,

“And like that I spent the night.”

“Umu, Although I don’t recall finalizing it, in the middle of it I fell asleep.”

“Huh. It is unusual for you to fall asleep. Its clear that you got too absorbed.”

“Before I noticed I had completed it.”

Mira noticed that she made a slip of the tongue here. Solomon was an acquaintance for a very long time, he had already begun to sense that Mira had been deceiving him. To prove it, Solomon opens his mouth.

“You made it very seriously. Mira chan.”

“……It is my best masterpiece……”

“Uh-huh, say it again. You lolicon.”

Incidentally, the two people who talked all night revealed their preferences such as the idols they liked and which characters they loved. Solomon easily saw through the deception simply because he understood the other’s preference. Mira’s figure was a straight pitch down his expectations.
Mira is different from what he knew of a casual example of his friend’s hobby. Her appearance was that of a custom made design. He was made aware of that appearance when she walked and threw her body on the backrest of the sofa wearily.
“Solomon. Do you not have a vanity case?”

Mira clinging to hope speaks this. Solomon who heard these words opens the item column suggestively.

“There it is. Here.”

He says this and takes out a Japanese style, black box, the vanity case. The glossy lacquer painted on the box was bright.

Mira stared dumbfounded at the box for an instant, and abruptly stands and charges at Solomon.

“Hand it over!!!!!”

“So suddenly!”

Mira and Solomon crashed into the chair and they collapsed to the floor. Ribbons caught on objects on the desk and made loud noises as they fell on the floor.

“Solomon sama, what happened!”

Reynard who reacted to the big sound quickly opens the door posthaste but was at a loss for words at the scene which exceeded his expectations.

Two people were tangled and Mira hung over Solomon as she sat astride him with their hands clasped on the vanity case. Although Mira appeared to be attacked at first glance, the problem was Solomon’s body pose. His hand had thrust out to support Mira’s body and splendidly seized a soft swelling on Mira’s chest. His leg had rolled up the robe’s skirt to expose Mira’s lower half.

“No, there is no problem.”

Although Solomon reports this while feigning serenity, anyone could tell that there definitely abundant problems.

“You bastard, you finally showed your true colors!”

Reynard begins to naturally get carried away. It was Joaquin’s job to cool his head who had popped his face into the room a little late.

“Now now, Reynard san. Let’s settle down and observe the situation calmly. Hey, is it good? At first glance, it seems that Mira had pushed him down, but look at Solomon’s hands as well. He is firmly massaging it.”

“Yes, certainly……. But what…….”

When Joaquin controls Reynard who tries to argue further with his hand, he announces his reasoning.

“So it’s like this, while they were getting along happily on top of the chair …… they lost their balance and it turns out like this. (yup ecchi stuff) Su-, such a thing!!!”
Although he thought that Solomon sama was not interested in women, it turns out that he only preferred a suitable appearance. “I understand. The Arkite kingdom is secure with this.”

“But, Joaquin. With such a young girl, will others accept it?”

“It is the apprentice of Danbalf. Is that not the greatest title?”

“Hmm, Certainly.”

At last, the two people concluded their conversation without permission. For Mira and Solomon, what was their situation now? Understanding finally catches up to them.
Their current situation was that of Mira sitting astride Solomon with their faces in close proximity to each other. For Solomon, in his hand was a soft pressure that felt comfortable to the touch. This information led to the answer of Joaquin and Reynard’s behavior. And then they kicked off a large distance away from each other while staring.

“Wait a bit you. No matter how you think this is a misunderstanding!”

“Umu, I agree. I was only caught up when Mira fell down, that is the only reason.”

The two people with great haste corrected their posture and attempted to make excuses. However, they had no persuasive strength for Joaquin and Reynard who had seen their states a while ago.

“Ah, Solomon sama. For the time being, I think its good sense to leave.”

“For the kingdom……. For an heir……”

When Joaquin leaves the office calmly, Reynard thinks about the future while muttering unnecessary things and closes the door quietly.

“…….Emergency meeting later………”

“Well then, you are difficult position.”

“You, its not some other person’s problem.”

“Well for me, its not a problem if I use the vanity case and return to my original state.”

“I will think of a way to clear the misunderstanding, as soon as I turn back to my earlier appearance.” Mira says this while indicating the vanity case in Solomon’s hand.

“Ah. It is impossible. Did you forget that this was a billing item?”

“I remembered it. It is certainly not possible to charge any longer and I agree that it is certainly valuable. I promise to use all my strength whole heartedly for you if you let me use it. Well then.”

“The rule of billing items. It is not possible to transfer it to others.”

Solomon holds out his hand with the vanity case and presents it to Mira while saying so.

“Well then, give up. Even if you receive it this way…….You would not be able to take it.”

Although Mira tries to receive the vanity case from Solomon’s hand, her hand passed through so that the tip of her finger could be seen. It was like a three dimensional hologram.
The slightly lengthy discussion continues.


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