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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 14

The discussion between king and the wiseman (cont.)

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Translator: X3al Editor: Fish

“What does this mean?”

Looking at how her hand passes through the black box, Mira’s face drew near while closing and opening her hand.

“As you can see. Even when this game became reality, the former rules still apply. This vanity case is not transferable so I can’t give it to you. The same goes with soulbound items like your master key; you can’t even steal them.

“Do you mean that the only way is to get a vanity case myself?”

“It looks like that. And you should know that it’s impossible with billing items.”

“What a disaster…”

After the brief conversation, Mira fell down on the sofa. Her already resigned mind with all its might whirled with thoughts to maintain stability.

“Shouldn’t there be any exceptions?”

Only lifting her face, Mira clung to a last ray of hope.

“I haven’t heard about any during these last 30 years.”

“What a disaster…”

Her hope was completely smashed with this backed by experience answer. Turning herself on the sofa, Mira closed her eyes retreating into the world of delusions dreaming of her magnificent appearance.

“I’d like to help with this but I’m out of possibilities here.”

“Do you really think like that? In your heart, you must be laughing about me, right?

The view of Mira still rolling on the sofa full of negative thoughts was of nothing but a sulky girl.

 “Of course, I’m not doing it. You shouldn’t yet forget about this country, right? Protected by you all, this country was able to stand against foreign countries. But do you understand the situation now, now when the wisemen important support disappeared?”

Solomon was speaking about the Elder Vanishment. Within a year of the disappearance of Dunbalf, all the Elders vanished. It was engraved into the chronology of Arkite as the largest event.

“Yes, I heard about it from Graia. It’s like everybody vanished at the same time. When I knew that Luminaria returned about twenty years ago, I went to the towers to hear more.”

“Ah, so that’ why you were at the towers? Well, if you already heard of it, there is little to explain. Without you all, the strongest swords and shields of this country, do you understand what will happen?”

“I see…”

Leveraging the support of the nine wisemen, the Arkite Kingdom never performed any aggressive wars resulting in avoiding conflict with foreign countries. With a rich country and a king properly paying attention to defense, the other countries naturally would establish trade relations.

But this country lost its support.

The public announcement was done twenty years ago when Luminaria returned. Even if she was one of the Nine Sages, supporting the whole country by herself was beyond her powers.

That’s why conflicts started by other countries to get profitable lands occurred more frequently. While there was no full-fledged war, frequent skirmishes gradually exhausted the country.

That’s the present situation of the Arkite Kingdom. Even if it’s just one, the return of a member of the Nine Sages will have an immeasurable influence. Even more so if it’s the “War Power Dunbalf” who singlehandedly suppressed the neighboring country’s chivalric order of five thousand knights.

“That’s what I am saying as a king. You are a hero of this country. The influence of your existence alone is tremendous but proudly announcing that you became such a loli is, well….”


“While I understand that because it’s still you, your ability is still the same, the impression is completely different. If you originally has such an appearance, it could work somehow, but the image of you is carved in this country’s history as a majestic veteran mage whose appearance was well suited for the title of wiseman.

“That’s right. Even now I can proudly say that it was the supreme masterpiece.”

With an improved mood from the praising of her ideal man’s image, Mira joyfully unfolded her eyes on Solomon.

“And what will happen to the image when such a hero became a loli?”

Can you imagine that? A case when a respected person, who called himself Dunbalf, became a girl of such tender age.

“…. Unreliable.”

Murmuring that, Mira understood the position in which she had placed herself.

“You said it. I would be really glad to announce that Dunbalf returned to the country but I can’t show your current appearance. People don’t know about the existence of vanity cases.”

“How about making an announcement without showing me?”

“That will be difficult. After all, a hero returned to the country after thirty years. We should make a national celebration, how exactly will we hide the main guest? And when things calm down, there should be spies from foreign countries.”

Just like Solomon said, hosting a party for the return of a hero after a thirty year absence is completely natural. It is likely that there will be spies to check if it’s true. When they fail to find Dunbalf, it’s obvious that trust in the country will surely fall.

But Solomon hasn’t planned to announce the return of Dunbalf for one more important reason. To tell it, Solomon approached the sofa Mira rested on.

Correcting her posture in response to a serious look behind the smile of the approaching Solomon, Mira wore a dubious look.

“And here I have a proposal for you.”

“So, what is it?”

“I want to announce you as a pupil of Dunbalf after you get a nationally acclaimed achievement.”

Solomon’s proposal was to put prestige on the girl. Even if one told that the suddenly appeared girl is Dunbalf, it is unlikely that people will believe you. Even if they believed, with her image lost like they previously discussed, her influence would not be that high.

Also, if you chose to immediately put the disciple of Dunbalf on the position of wiseman, she will just be a girl without any accomplishments despite being a disciple of a hero.

If the top of the experts title was granted on a whim, what will the rest of the experts think who worked hard for that?

But if she accomplishes a valuable achievement for the country, it’s a completely different matter.

“I can’t say for sure that it will work but I think its important to try. Even more, I beg you to do it!”

“Well, I understood your point. So, what exactly do you want from me?”

Hearing that, Solomon made a deep breath. His serious posture contained within it a somewhat worried feeling.

“Dunbalf… No, I’ll call you Mira from now on. Just in case this leaks somehow.”

“Fine, feel free to call me as you like.”

“So, Mira. The thing I want from you is nothing but to look for all of them.

“Who do you mean by ‘them’?”, Mira asked him to explain, placing her hand on her chin. What exactly did he try to say? Mira couldn’t understand that at first but considering the flow of conversation she reached the answer, expressing a deep tiresome look.

“I believe that right now in this world there are only Luminaria and me, right?”

“Well, if you put question like that, you were the last one.”


“I believe I just told you about the friendlist. Try to look at it yourself.”

Activating the previously assumed unreachable『Back Screen』in response to that, Mira opened the friendlist.

Names of formerly good friends were lined up and appeared in that list. Obviously, the names of Solomon and Luminaria were painted white. Looking for the names she wanted, Mira followed this list with a completely languid expression.

“Everybody is online.”

“It looks that way.”

“Then why are they not here?”

“If I knew that, I wouldn’t have begged you for that.”

“That’s a difficult task. I have no idea how to find them. When they’re not at Towers, they’re not the type of people to stay at one place.”

“I agree that it takes time. But if it’s possible, I’d like to find half of them in this year.”

Half of them within this year. Without any ideas as to why Solomon placed such a limit, Mira doubted that she could.

“Finding them this year is quite hard. Without any leads, starting the search for them from nothing is definitely a task you can’t complete in a year or two.”

“That’s true, but no matter what we still need them in this year. You barely managed to appear here in time. And I have no other ways but to bet on this chance.”

There was something out of place in the figure of this boy who had wrinkled up his eyebrows like he was completely tired.

“So why? Can you tell me the reason we have to hurry so much?”

Solomon got a single file from bookshelf and gave it to Mira.

This file listed the war chronicles from ten years ago. Mira recalled the conservation with Graia in the corners of her mind. Hasn’t the spawn rate of monsters gone up after that war?

“So it’s The defensive battle of the Three Lands Of God …”

After glancing at description, Mira muttered the title of file.

“Did you know about that?”

“Just a bit. Looks like it happened ten years ago. Graia told me that after it there were more attacks of monsters.”

“That’s right. We dispatched the chivalric order when you were absent but with that amount we couldn’t simply ignore the costs.”

“And, how did that become a reason? Isn’t it a thing of the past? Or you want to dispatch me again just to save war funds?”

“That would greatly help as well but we have a more urgent issue.”

Having said that, Solomon searched through file in Mira’s hands, stopping at a certain page. There was a topic named『Limited anti-war treaty』.

“Hmm, what’s that?”

“You probably don’t know because you was absent but this The defensive battle of the Three Lands of God was at a much, much greater scale than all battles we saw before. If I say that the kings of all Three Origin Countries, the God Kings, directly took the control, you should easily understand, right?”

“Impossible… Those immovable kings.”

Mira’s astonishment had good reason. The Three Origin Countries are the starting territory of this game. It means that they existed before players started to found their countries to guarantee the safety of unexperienced players.

When the rush for founding countries arose across the continent, those Three Origin Countries became the countries of ordinance. If you want a comparison, the NPCs of those three countries had enough power to suppress even the players.

When even the kings of those three countries themselves came forward, it’s easy to perceive scale of things.

There is no need to mention that nickname Mira said, “Immovable kings”, was given because nobody saw them moving.

“Even the title “The defensive battle of the Three Lands Of God” reflects the hard efforts of Three Origin Countries at the front. This war involved all the continent.

The landing of crowds of demons was the origin of battle. They mostly assaulted the three countries but when reinforcement arrived, they started to scatter to other places. Because the scattering demons attacked countries indiscriminately, the damage obviously expanded at a colossal scale. A lot of small countries were destroyed. It was really cruel.”

Talking about the cruelty with a warped face due to anguish Solomon certainly displayed the king’s lament about the nation. Answering “So that’s what happened” to Solomon while still not completely comprehending situation in mind, Mira lamented as a close friend.

“Well, even if ten years passed since that great war, with that much impact, you surely can tell what happened after that.”

“Everyone’s hands were full with reconstruction works all over the places, I believe.”

“You’re right. That’s why all the countries came to a mutual constraint named the limited anti-war treaty. Summarizing the contents, all military actions were prohibited for ten years.”

“I see.”

To sum up it all up, all countries for the time being proposed to focus efforts on restoration to put everybody on decent starting grounds because they weren’t in state for war.

“And you want to say this pact ends soon?”

The limit on time Mira guessed from the flow of conversation before. It means the deadline is due to the time that wars will start after the pact ends.

Without the main force of the Arkite Kingdom — The Nine Wisemen — someone will surely take advantage of this opening. If you manage to get the Arkite Kingdom, abundant land which gave benefits to various places, with the top magicians, all that wisdom will definitely yield you large power. Nobody wants to skip that chance.

“Honestly, saying that we’re guarded only by this pact is not an exaggeration. Without even talking about attacking, we need at least war force to defend this country.

I beg you one more time, Mira.

Can you please look for everybody?”

Taking a breath after closing the file, Mira returned a serious look to Solomon. The answer was already set in her heart.

“Why not. Let’s do it.”

Hearing that, Solomon broadly smiled “Thank you”.


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