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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman

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  2. Haha, I kinda powered through 3 chapters on a weekend. I feel drained during the weekdays so my translating is slow. I expect chapter 5 to be up by Thursday if my motivation hasn’t crashed through.

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    Do you have some plan about the translation’s speed?


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    • Whenever I feel like translating I guess, usually I would do one chapter over the weekend and maybe one during the week if im not too busy…

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    yeah!!! at least it’s alive! Alive!!!!
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    um… is it alright if i proffes, my eternal love and admiration to you even though i am a dude, and you are most likely one too?


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    The great sheeprabbit presented us with a LN teaser and it got me hooked. So I search if someone is TL the WN version and stumbled to this.

    Really glad someone pick this up!


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    Those days you check every few hours hoping there will be a release when you don’t think there actually will be. I’ll be waiting… and watching… with as much patience as I can muster… *dies before the next update*.



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    • Sorry, I still have tests to study for, plus this chapter is crammed full of dialogue. Around 60% mark on completing it, but it’ll probably be some time before I can get this out.


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    If you’re going to do MTL, I’d like to suggest using TA as it is easier to see all the different MT and compare them. You miss less things this way.


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    • Mhm i already use it though, but it wasn’t an updated version so I guess ill be updating it! thanks!


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    like just found this translation awsome keep up the great work also someone else translated 2 chapters but have a few more pictures on it i found they are translating atm evil god average but have a few more pictures but just only 2 chapters on this LN.


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    The date in ch16 is wrong, have to change 22 to 24.


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    I wonder if you need any better quality picture? I found some on this site (although it’s in Vietnamese)


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  16. OMG….I can’t believe I found this!!! I was randomly clicking on different blogs and found this gold mine! I can’t believe this!!!!!


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    chapter 17 hsppy thank you wery much


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  18. Why did no one tell me this novel wa translating?!!!!! This should be advised more. However, I thank you with all myyyyyyy heart!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! TT_TT


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    • I didn’t go out of my way to advertise…. Somehow people found my site when I translated and people spread the word…..


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      • Still, Thank you very much for the translation


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        Not sure how you do it but you could have it sent messages when you update to thats how alot of people I know watch for series to update from.


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    Hello this is spoiler question but i want to ask in which chaper will jared the kings atendant find out mira is dunbalf.


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    Thx for translation


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  22. Find yourself in her situation, the best idea is to become a narcissist!


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    Hello i want to ask in which chaper will jared the kings atendant find out mira is dunbalf.


    June 30, 2015 at 9:50 pm

  24. Hmm, do they ever say why he can’t change back to his former appearance?


    July 11, 2015 at 12:35 am

    • They already did, to change a characters appearance they need an item called vanity case, when its used to change appearance it overwrites the old one, so to go back to his old appearance he needs another vanity case to basically remake the appearance, but since its no longer a game he cant buy another one and vanity cases can only be ised by those who bought them, so ge os basically stuck in that form atm


      July 18, 2015 at 4:59 am

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    Just finished the 21st chapter today, it’s great and getting better! By the way, will MC be saying “thee” and “thou” forever?


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    I just found another interesting Novel, Thanks for the Translation.


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    Do you have the illustration for volume 2 and 3? I found a site where you can download the raw light novel for volume 2 and 3.


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    is the mc involved in any romance with a guy or a girl?


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    Really enjoying this story. Thank you for translating and sharing.


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  33. This novel is awesome!! Thanks so much for translating it! You guys have my deepest gratitude!


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    i hope you update more fast cause i like this story.
    do your best!!!


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  35. BeRsErk

    Well I tried translating chapter 29 and I got:
    29 sage versus devil
    Twenty-nine “But Mira-chan, partner’m the devil. Certainly …… But I Mira-chan is strong it has been found!” and “Yes. At the very least, time position to call a little while ago of Alfina Hotel in ours is if you do not earn”  Emera Flea breath, Asubaru the while clutching strongly Otsuchi, say to Mira to face with the devil. But Mira is not looking back to the two people, “such a time ‘s free unlikely!”  to summon the Dark Knight in the front while saying. At the same time sounds a high-pitched sound that hit the metal, repelled air spreads like ripples. The next moment Emera and Asubaru have seen, it’s a figure of the Dark Knight, which had been caught sticking out large sword ahead of the devil of sickle trajectory. “This guy is …… Tsu!”  flowing along a cold sweat the cheeks of Asubaru. Emera will not be able to react to the sight, it was my best and that directs the sword late one step. And this contact, also can result in show someone something the ability difference between the existence of the devil to two people. “Contact Omo-ra going down me!”  Mira once again, we advise to members of the handle Cal alert Carillon. “But, Well then ……”  still like that leave a large adults combat in Mira also said that the girl, I could not not Asubaru also obediently nods that only Emera. However, the opponent has realized their is neither compete can such a partner, that would not have even tens of seconds where it tried to Nigaso everyone becomes a decoy in the previous blow. “Both of them, let’s pull up to the castle!” “ze so, such is better!”  voice arrives from behind the step on the Tatara Emera and Asubaru. When two people look back, lead by hand as inflame the two people in the expression flicker and Zeph is similar to impatience.  But, however, when the total Emera and Asubaru tried to Serve in the mouth, “we are staying is not Mira chan put out our best!”  so flicker said. It seemed to her, enough to cover the magical power that pervade the devil that stands as the ghost, that the mighty magical power is rising Standing from Mira.  Looking back to the two men once again Mira the words of flicker, nothing from the smaller big back unexpected told, it Presumably the Na’s a street that say flicker. “Sumanjo chan. And I asked!” “Mira-chan. The win not as seemed After immediately retreated to. because I stave off anyhow!”  and entrusted the total will, two people flicker, to the confluence with the castle and Zeph and ran to return to. Asubaru at that time, in a small back is still a little girl, was vision the appearance of former hero. “No way Na”  Asubaru Otherwise tweets, to switch the head it would only have been swept away in atmosphere. “Run away from us that we should go to where Rarenzo, human Domoyo”  sounded out each other’s prey that crossed that the spill eerie smile, the devil was Tobinoi After you glimpse the Dark Knight. I can not afford the full force up to, but it’s still well Dark Knight which was received without difficulty a blow that took the force because I recognized to be a corresponding enemy. “First of all, do you go with the greeting, the strong man by. We are is Earl third place in the soul hunting knight of Vu~orufuto Bain. Varna less”  formal devil, while staring at Mira measure the distance of Higa, dare reverently Rei take. Vu~arufuto it is a devil with a knighthood it is, have the pride of the nobility. That said, it is something that can not be understood because it is outrageous and vile if from a human, such as the devil of pride. “Eagle Mira. ‘S street summon surgery mechanic look”  is Mira while shows the Dark Knight in the eye, and returns the bow facing from the front to Vu~orufuto. “Kukukukuku, summoned surgery mechanic. If either the fact that it away if Kirifusere the knight,”  you can either Iowaru but early, Vu~orufuto is when you jump kick the ground, and swung down the whole body of the blow of the combined gravity and its own weight to the Dark Knight . Then turn sound something with dull metallic sound crumble echoes. The Dark Knight is also to prevent the blow held up a large sword in the upper part, it was broken scaffold of the Dark Knight not withstand the ground in the intense blow. And the chance of the Dark Knight, which broke the attitude Vu~orufuto did not miss.  At the same time and put the foot on the ground, Vu~orufuto is pierce sharply in the flank of the Dark Knight raised the beat is scythe and be half-turn of the body, is blown off the black knight in momentum intact. “Kukakakaka! So far as I Na of!”  while looking back to the way to one rotation not go against the centrifugal force to distort the face in volupte, Vu~orufuto is down out toward the girl the sickle as of suicide assistant people.  But pierced black blade minerals bedrock. The girl stayed in place until just before SuMadoka had vanished from view of Vu~orufuto. “Dokoni~tsu …!”  [wizardry heaven: Neri衝]  moment that Vu~orufuto has Megurase the neck, distortion is the expression, dance the black giant is large the air along with the popping sound. Mira is the moment when the Vu~orufuto look back, he was slammed the wizardry is not submerge the body to bosom. Over and over again crafted shock waves lapping in a wave raging in the belly of Vu~orufuto, taken off guard. (Hmm …… Well Well Ja Na)  Mira If you ruminant as ascertain the response, and set up grip lightly fist. When the difference in the battle feeling almost no, the fist told. Although out the difference between the length of the reach, and should it Fumikome half step increase. The minute the body becomes smaller, it is easy to dive in the shadows. Mirror is in one contact, the performed analysis to the bottom.  The Mira was the most anxiety, it is a physical difference was due to become a reality rather than virtual. The movement of the space that can not be calculated in the air resistance and logic. However, they also match, it was not enough to inhibit the mirror motion.  More than anything, it felt the flow of signs and the air in the whole body by the five senses has clearly, and he intuition had become such that a more agile reaction. And the first place of the strength of the factors. technology and capabilities that the person himself has mastered have changed to force up combine them into one.  Nor what who had created the cause, it was arc ground online.  Realistic game world until the insane were left and right to the player skills as impossible as online games.  Also just started the game, martial arts experience and karate champion, etc., it was Naguritobase in its Mihitotsu would be hostile player it would be monsters of Intermediate. Therefore, not only systematically in stronger, practically it is necessary to polish even technology.  In fact, the veteran had been talking with demons and fist in the game, the player that Kobushi-o Kojiro is, was a totally amateur is also raising track record of play winning higher in karate competitions nationwide. But more than that it was defeated in a physical cause.  Mira do a proximity warfare therefore as wizardry workers also, if technology only had to pass the-class in the world.  Yes, he-class. Passes until now, enough devil and to fight if as usual.  Mira Repeat deep breathing, it will switch the consciousness. Remembering his own time was the game, there is superimposed now. “Differents, what was! And”  Vu~orufuto that landed on the ground on down frustrating twist the body in the air is, glare rough Gaité Mira voice. “I just touched lightly. It is not so burst into a fit of rage, Kowappa is”  Mira is as if it were a commonplace with nature, I felt go back is feeling in my time it was Danburufu. The fearless as the smile returned by Mira from fires good tension, Vu~orufuto will be rush to let Tagira the flame to sickle and revealing the anger. “Puss! Not lick”  Mira is at slashing to be paid out to carry a flame only carry of the foot, to dodge by divert themselves and to the left to the right. Or from the beginning tension started to cross, but the movement was taking a big excessive avoidance distance, it is gradually optimized for each repeat.  And techniques ingrained in the body in there, there was a certain ability, which is backed by experience. Mira who regained their type, while seeing off a large sickle in a fine line, continue to induce a fist to the chance of Vu~orufuto in a natural way.  Time and again Kozuka is Vu~orufuto you Tamarikane had completely lost me. But it would also no way. Opponent petite young than myself, it further is a woman. Devil of their own is a noble is honors species, was not allowed pride such as lag behind in a one-to-one to the inferiority species of human.  Blow of the scythe to raise the big beat, the sticks on the ground sprinkled the Guren’nohonoo and glanced harmlessly off the side of Mira. Mira Slide the big next to the body remains of momentum that was avoided, Nuku kick the knee back that protected the hips twist devil black skin at the same time. Vu~orufuto is, and break the posture to the impact, Mira grab a fly was the head of the corner at the right hand up and over the back, which was a fate to confront a wide open.  : [Wizardry land Guren one to grip]  and Mira are concentrated consciousness, explosive flame that had a directivity is shine conspicuously and wrap the head of the Vu~orufuto, flew playing vigorously. “Gugaaaーーー!”  Vu~orufuto which rises to as protect the the tumbled baked head ground, praised the pupil a flame that stain madness to have finally. “Hmm …… still to pass bran in blow”  fist feature compromise on the body several times with the offense and defense in the devil Interlacing, and is hampered in its tough body surface also say crustaceans, Mira did not feel much of a response. On the contrary, fist aches and fairly dust. But it is also of course and also I can say. Physical ability of Mira of iodine that are passing the equipment of proximity-based strengthening in Creos is, he generally not of the operator mechanic much different.  Wizardry skills, but there are many things that affect the status of muscle strength, Mira is the height of the magic is in the range which can be called abnormal, it is compensated in its own way at the minute. Still wizardry of high power because muscle is the main, power is sluggish.  Originally, the fighting style of wizardry mechanic, combination is it true value due to the proximity warfare and wizardry. Mira also I’ve been training asked me the fighting surgery for that. But, now that the equipment is not through there is no strike, there is no need to be involved in it. While it ‘s possible to give a damage thanks to the high magic thereto.  [Wizardry mystery: eye opening]  was completely regained a sense of former Danburufu Mira, from here of wizardry in just’s production secret, opening the true eye. After closing the lightly eyes, and go wide, the pupil had been dyed blue to clear than the sky. During eye-opening it takes correction to all of the capability, has the effect of strengthening the wizardry.  Furthermore it jumped was Mira magic also reach the eyes of the flicker that glanced the state from the castle. Flicker we arrived a pratfall by Keosare involuntarily had been drunk in the torrent of no vast magical power of being felt. “How was the flicker?”  Emera is tow while extending a hand to suddenly reeling flicker. “I’m sorry. Just the atmosphere of …… Mira-chan has changed. Furthermore, strongly, further …… deeply”  to flicker words that say while wandered To rise, I drank everyone quietly breath being there.  Mira and demons of combat became increasingly more intense. Even while wet in the madness, Vu~orufuto which regained reason is wearing a black flame in both hands, to launch a wave attack of the sickle of the flame.  Sickle is swung down, Mira is I feed the chase to play the dodge and black flame it.  [Wizardry Location: Kazematoi]  to counter the black flame, Mira also play by hand the black flames of chase with the cell clothe the wind in both hands, the other with one hand to drive the palm bottom and at the same time winding happen vacuum and the whirlwind turbulence, We have to scratch the flank of Vu~orufuto. “Nu~o~o~oーーー!”  But is not it also the things and, Vu~orufuto increase twist the sickle that was swung down. It gave scratch shallow, it is not to interfere with the movement, sharp tail of flame feel the wind to Issen the front of the Mira minus the body immediately. In addition, Vu~orufuto at the timing which is not Kira end swung up is projecting the one hand, multiplied by the chase by the black flames. “Law! Do not do, and Kowappa!”  Mila When as possible received in all wind was dwells on the crossed hands, and look ahead to Vu~orufuto true eye transparent pale. “Puss, how far! To taunt us”  magic of the Devil Vu~orufuto flew backward while sounded the angry voice is, go growing rapidly. Swelled at the same time the black flame, it wrapped the whole body. “Differents is unexpected to the souvenir. This is I’ll burn in place!”  When Vu~orufuto barking, to apply a land becomes a jet of flame bullets. But the devil figure approaching in the degree of speed to crush the rock, beans of Mira had been regarded as clearly. The “! rot away but nice”  to shine dull dyed also black sickle black flame to increase the momentum, the moment it was swung up, “refuse!” [wizardry step method: shukuchi]  Mira the bosom of Vu~orufuto at no moment even preliminary operation The dive and push up the palm [wizardry heaven: Neri衝] Tatakikon a. “What …… Tsu !?”  black was launched seeded clutter heaven high flame Vu~orufuto, while smiling facial expression of anguish, somehow put a sudden braking is not flapping its wings. Damage itself is not even so much. The body of Vu~orufuto with confidence in defense force was boasts a strength of only commensurate with its confidence. The devil only, in Mira of attack to be repeated would have been unable to move already. “Puss is Tsu! Far ……”  would not have worked almost even attack, but will can not help calm if decorated as good for the human child. Effing and Hagami the ground while you gloat Vu~orufuto. But there was an incredible sight there, and would not Sukuma only for a moment. : [Wizardry walking method empty swagger]  Mira was imminent until as if run up the stairs before the eyes. “Himself tut!”  it is not too late to be swung up. Vu~orufuto will shed hand sickle of the handle, Nagiharau the shortest distance to such increase as it is playing. But Mira the blow of desperation and reflect more high jumping up under eyes, to get their hands on the head of Vu~orufuto in the handstand posture.  Up softly and skirt rolled up, and at the same time from the thigh to the abdomen is exposed, Mira to focus attention on their hands. “This is what ‘s” “Tsu …!” [wizardry Location: Retsu衝Handful]  at the same time when the mass of the impact occurs in the palm of Mira, raging that it will Fukitobaso the Vu~orufuto of head and become the Koe unexpected wave. Too violent force, Vu~orufuto that not hear the hold out in the air is blown towards its body every ground.  Echoed around the sound of breaking of rock, it landed on the ground that Mira had to leave late breath. The pupil had an eye to the black devil out-high rubble. “Yomoya Na is going so much of human Iyo”  also received two shots the wizardry of short-range high-power system Incidentally, the devil no practice swing that was damaged likely damage. Its robustness is, but erratic things even when viewed from anyone. (This much ~U of the ol hard devil)  But, Mira has caught the devil the view without any pretense to care. “But it is ineffective unexpected! Feel unexpected! In my and trained Shi body, through unexpected! Such as the extent of the attack”  Vu~orufuto is, so declare in order to keep the his own will. Damage of wizardry itself It is certain that passes through in its own way, but still Vu~orufuto is is enough to feel the danger has not yet been reached. “I. But was a good handicap, trying to another it away Kowappa”  [confidential wizardry: beans ban]  so good to be triggered skills black is the color of the right of the pupil of the Mira, and the pupil is changed to gold.  The skirt steak magic, odd eye to fantasy Kyotsuki shining in the night of crow feathers ball. That is anticipation of the pupil, the line-of-sight only in Inuka will be will likely Shunretsu Vu~orufuto you tired Wrapped around in a sense, to a higher species of signs emanating from the eye in front of the girl, was Furuwashi unconsciously the body. (There is obtained unexpected …, …. There obtained unexpected that it is …… my horror!) “impudent human taste Gaaaa!”  Vu~orufuto turn sickle along with the jet-black flame in heaven is lifted up the voice. But immediately after, Vu~orufuto notice to the modulation of the body and the sickle slides down from the hand. (This is …… gulp …… paralysis or impudent, impudent !!!?)  [Senhitomi surgery:痺命Noriyuki better]  Attacks opponent to an eye until the eye to paralysis, even destroys an opponent of paralysis from the inside top skills of wizardry that. Trigger conditions, that capture the subject in view of a certain period of time beans. Mira is also the landed slightly distant position I to keep a wide field of view. “Nu …… ~O~o~o~o~oo Oh oh!” “Truly, the devil either. so long as no unexpected Ja Na”  finger, Vu~orufuto the arm, shoulder, and although it is gradually solving the paralysis. Satan has a high resistance to general state abnormal. Still it was suffering from paralysis, but solely formed cell industry Mira magic.  Of course, Mira also its know -ply. The aim is further not in the internal fracture of piled magic vision Noriyuki痺命. I just wanted a time of just a little reservoir.  Many times it was a passage of arms blown off mirror which has been overwhelmed Vu~orufuto and had difficulty in hardness of the remainder. And to shatter the armor that is in his power, to require a considerable amount of time. “But, again it away ‘s”  moment of next Mira said so, Vu~orufuto is a whiff like Ojikedatsu behind. However, when the numbness is still Effing Hagami is not fully solved, projecting a jet-black blade that dripped black fluid from the chest. “Ingredients …… ~O~o …. Stupid ……”  Vu~orufuto is chewing the body fluids spewing from the mouth, and directs the line of sight behind to turn the neck to resist to paralysis, to dye their facial expressions to startle.  In the bottom, red and wavering pair of eyes of the black knight Nagihara~tsu the early start was floating.  Although not given an effective blow is now fist, blow of Mira Dark Knight has a sharpness that far surpass it. Still, for stiff body of Vu~orufuto, it was necessary to accumulate the power of only through the defense. It is a paralysis of the order. “Why …. This guy …… from time …… but ……” “the eagle of the Dark Knight, Have you think is slaughter so easily. Kowappa”  calmly and walked to go Mira. Although stride is narrow, one step that go in engraved the enduring defunct victory on the ground. “Yomoya …… and this way to defeat …… so ……” “would have say in the beginning. eagle ‘s summons surgery mechanic” “So Na was ……”  Standing in front of the Vu~orufuto, Mira is a true eye We stare at the figure with the magic eye. Vu~orufuto, when return staring at his eyes squarely, smiled and Usussura. The facial expressions, was the one who convinced the current situation that the battle with the true strong man, and was defeated.  Dark Knight, set up in an oblique pull out the large sword that was pierces. “…… Superb ……”  last of the large sword at the same time as the words of Vu~orufuto I behead the demon of the neck, shoot into the hollow black body fluids from the point of a sword. Aside black limbs of that collapse is as Tsuppusu, Vu~orufuto of head looked up at the heavens gratified had snuggled.


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    • Is this google translate? “But Mira-chan, you’re going to fight against a devil. We saw you’re strong, indeed… however!” “Yeah. At least let us to buy you some time to summon Alfina.” Mhm these are the first few lines


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      • Make sure to get plenty of rest and stay healthy, k?


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      • Ps I love this novel quite a bit


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    Thanks for the translations. I enjoy lurking and reading on your site.


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    • The beginning is like in MTL used from Translation aggregator using bing, google, atlas. Like from Chapters 1-13 or so? Me and X3al haven’t gone over it yet to make an accurate translation from it, but if you still want to go ahead?


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    November 1, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    • Heard back from X3al, he’ll be done with a major deadline Nov. 5 so translation won’t go on until then. probably.


      November 3, 2015 at 12:45 pm

  49. Still alive man?


    November 3, 2015 at 2:05 pm

  50. Spartenplayer

    When is ch 32 coming out.


    November 7, 2015 at 4:33 pm

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