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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wise Man Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Luminaria Of The Disaster

ED: Well the grammar certainly killed me in this one… This chapter is brought to you again by TL: X3al  ED: Fish.

“And, looking for them is fine but do you have any ideas as to their locations? You can’t simply catch those guys without any clues.”

“Well, that is certainly true but at least one is easily predictable.”

Just like Mira said, The Nine Wise Men are a bunch of quite eccentric guys who never stayed in one place.

The words of Solomon caused Mira, busy with thinking how to fulfill her promise to find all the vagrant guys, to remember a particular person.

“You’re talking about Soul Howl, right?”

“Yeah, just as I thought it’s better to start with him.”

『Soul Howl of The Giant Wall』, being the Elder of Necromantic tower, loved undead girls to an abnormal extent.

The place that came to mind for them was a dungeon 『Ancient Shrine Nebulapolis』, commonly called as underground graveyard among players.

In the times when they hanged around together, Soul Howl delightfully whispered ‘paradise’ in this shrine filled with undeads. A dungeon filled with mostly undead monsters surely was a holy ground for him.

It was well worth checking for Soul Howl if he’s online and not at towers.

“The underground graveyard is a bit far away. I would love to use the Floating Continent but…”

“I’ll aid you with it. Although, I can’t dispatch neither Senri carriage nor Juuryou carriage  for this top secret mission.

“Senri carriage? Juuryou carriage? What are they?

“Ah, Senri carriage is the carriage that transported you here. It’s quite fast, isn’t it? It reduces load on horses with the Elder tools making it the fastest carriage in our country.”

Solomon proudly said that, throwing out his chest while smiling.

“Surely it was fast. Though it wasn’t even close to the Floating Continent”.

“Don’t compare that to a cheat item. Now you should understand how broken it was.”

For a reference, the speed of the Senri carriage is 25 km/h. Floating Continent, comparing to that, moves with 500km/h. Senri carriage is quite fast considering the technology of this world. Therefore, just like Solomon said, the Floating Continent is a completely broken transport.

“The Juuryou carriage loses in speed to the Senri carriage but with all the effort on the inside interior, it works as a carriage version of a mobile home.”

“Huh, that’s quite nice.”

Mira dreamed about sprawling in a bed on a slowly running carriage while sipping apple Appure.

“I’d be glad to ride on the Juuryou carriage.”

“Well, you will ride it one day.”

“So stingy of you. It’s not like you can’t lend it to me for a ride to the underground graveyard.”

“I greatly wish I could do it but like I said before, it’s a top secret mission. Both Senri carriage and Juuryou carriage are custom-made. They’re used for state missions, sending royalty and similar stuff. You should understand they’ll greatly stand out at the destination place.”

“I would rather not do it.”

“I thought the same. Well, I can prepare more common good carriage.”

Saying that, Solomon returned the file to the bookcase when a sudden noise rang outside. After that, completely ignoring Reynard attempting to restrain her, a woman shot past the door of the office with enough vigor to break it.

Dressed in a white and blue robe, she, singlehandedly snatched the glances of Mira and Solomon; she had extremely attractive body lines and face capable to exclusively grabbing all the attention.

This beauty, shouldering her long, burning-like deep crimson hairs, without any doubts swinging her chest, glanced once at Solomon with her red just as hairs eyes and focused on the girl.

“What’s the matter with you? I believe it’s still not the time we determined earlier.”

With a voice filled, unlike earlier, with dignity, Solomon stared at this woman. Hearing those words, she slammed the door back.

With his face hit by the door, Reynard with an anguish, greatly wavering expression was almost at tears. “She doesn’t listen to anybody so you shouldn’t worry much”, Joaquin comforted him, placing hands on his shoulders.

“Having heard about a pupil of Dunbalf, I wanted to take a look but there was nobody at the audience room. Squeezing it from a nearby guard, I learned that you moved to the office, so I’m here.”

“I see. Well, in any case I was going to bring her to you.”

With these words, Solomon walked to Mira’s side.

“This girl, Mira, is the pupil of the Dunbalf.”

After this introduction, Mira without rising from sofa or greetings, stared at the women staying near the door and, bitterly grinning at that unchanged appearance, and leaned her back on sofa.

“So, it was her? By the way, your highness Solomon, isn’t there a issue with your tone?”

She referred to his tone of voice, not the proud one trained much earlier to show dignity but one for speaking with friends. They decided to use the right tone for non-private conversations in a situation when somebody else listens.

“Ah, there is no problems. After all, it’s Dunbalf himself. You can talk casually too. And even after all that time, I still can’t get used to that tone.”

A roguish smile floated over all Solomon’s face.

“Wh… Wha…”

“A, it’s a long time, Luminaria. At least for you. It was just recently.”

Mira saluted with a hand.

Luminaria. One of The Nine Wise Men. The only Elder whose whereabouts were known.

“Is that so? Dunbalf, right? You finally came here…”

Luminaria stared at whole Mira’s body just like inspecting. This perfect figure made her to remember a conversation with Dunbalf about his tastes. And then, Luminaria burst out laughing. Still staying outside of the door, Reinald closed his ears and nodded with Joaquin at the slightly escaping from the closed door laugh.

The rumor that Luminaria is sometimes weird was confirmed again.

Looking at Mira again after rolling about laughing, Luminaria strangely grinned.

“Finally you understood this wonderfulness? The female body is great. Already played with it, right?”

That’s the first thing she had to say. Luminaria’s mouth, telling really vulgar words, with charming lips, forming a smile around it’s edges, indeed showed sexuality as a part of appeal.

“Don’t place me in one group with you. It was an accident, not my intention.”

“Still, look how wonderful is the result. I think it’s a bit unnatural to call it accident.”

“Hmm. It’s a long story. Hmph.”

Mira briefly explained the whole story starting from the mail about expiration of money and ending with today’s situation.

“My vanity case is here for exactly the same reason. Though I haven’t used it.”

Solomon explained why he had the vanity box which disappointed Mira so much. Just like Mira, he felt that leaving cash was wasteful and bought vanity case.

“Is that so, I got one too.” TN: {“Her” friendly speech is clearly masculine.}

Telling that, Luminaria took a vanity case from inventory and started to play with it on her hand. Bitterly staring at that, Mira sulkily sprawled on the sofa.

“Why can’t I have one?”

“Because you already used it.”

Solomon’s short concise words sharply hurt Mira. While moaning, she faced up on sofa, throwing down her arms and legs.

“But isn’t it good? It’s not just an avatar now. Isn’t it an image of ideal woman? From the first glance, it reminded about you, so isn’t it your blessing in disguise. For me, the fact this world became reality was really a fortune. This world is the best. After I got this body, I’ve played with it the whole day.”

With the refreshing smile on the beautiful face, Luminaria probably was able to steal hearts of most of males if they only don’t listen her.

Mira, looking at that hopeless Luminaria with cold look, threw out a question.

“By the way, I figured today, Solomon spent here 30 years and Luminaria spent 20. With all that passed time, you certainly don’t look aged, do you?”

At the first glance there was nothing unnatural for Mira. After all, it was just a few days ago. But they say time’s flow for them was different. Even if you ignore Luminaria, it’s not that simple with Solomon. Maintaining a boy’s looks for thirty years is pretty much impossible.

“Speaking about that, we already considered this as natural.”

“And it’s one of reasons why this world is the best.”

Solomon clapped hands. Luminaria twisted her body, just like embracing herself.

“Long story short, it looks like we, former players in this world differ from usual people.”

“What is the difference?”

“Well, the first one is Inspecting. Have you tried to inspect me or Luminaria?”

Being told that, she actually tried to Inspect Solomon in the audience room but no information was shown. At this time, she gazed at grossly wriggling Luminaria.

But nothing appeared before eyes.

“I can’t find anything about you. Even though I could with Suriman and Graia.”

Hearing that, Solomon with boyish smile took a seat at the feet of the sprawling Mira.

“It’s likely that inspecting former players is impossible. It’s the first difference. By the way, when I met you, I immediately inspected and got nothing so I understood you were a former player. You proclaimed herself a pupil at same time Dunbalf came online and had the appearance of a loli in Dunbalf’s taste. Even if wasn’t me, that becomes iron-clad proof of your identity.”

Solomon explained it while correcting the robe’s edge that became a skirt, covering Mira’s legs to hide her bloomers.

“Do you mean it can be used to tell players from rest?”

“Yes, just like that. I can’t be sure that the appearance of everybody hadn’t changed but at least we can find players.”

“But with the personality of those guys, simply looking at them should be enough.”

“Surely, even if this Luminaria got different look, I would definitely recognize her.”

“That’s right. I don’t think there are more people perverted to that extent.”

Both of them smiled at each another. Luminaria, called a pervert, glanced at them with a stern look but promptly changed expression.

“So you said we’re so close we can recognize each other no matter how our appearance changed!”

Giving an unexpected reply, Luminaria dived into the sofa like doing a body press. Solomon quickly managed to evade but the completely exhausted Mira with a small surprised cry was mercilessly hugged by Luminaria.

“My friend!”

“Hey, stop it, Bakanaria! Sto… Where are you touching!”

Luminaria’s wriggling hands crawled around Mira’s body just like examining it.

“How great is that, how gre… ghhh!”

Luminaria was raping Mira just like an evil magistrate, when a dull sound of explosion fluttered in the air. Screaming from the bottom of her stomach, she vigorously hit the ceiling and clumsily fell on floor.

Mira getting back up on the sofa pointed her right hand to the ceiling. She shot into Luminaria a skill from her second class, Xian Expert 【Xian ・Air: Impulse Wave】 from the point blank.

“Even sexual harassment can cost you your life.”

To the cold words of Solomon, Luminaria slowly got up with thumbs up and answered “Still worth it”.

Rising while settling her robe, Mira glanced at Luminaria and warned: “Next time — with the magical eye”. After that, Luminaria, having nothing to do with her dubiously prepared hands, began to gather scattered around paper from the floor after a short delay.

“You’re doing quite an admirable thing.”

“Hey, I love tidiness.”

“Then please do that as well.”

Solomon pointed at scattered papers at the table. Luminaria nodded without a word.


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