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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Mira gets a big sister and little brother!?

Real title: Rank C


It was the morning after the day she went to register in the magician union. Naked to the waist, Mira was repeating trial and error on top of her bed. She undid the bra that Lily put on her and didn’t knew how to put it back on.
Continuing her hard struggle for a while,  she suddenly fell into self-disgust and, with ‘What am I doing’ threw the bra at the bed and pushed her head through the dress.

After breakfast, holding some package Garret with a ‘Then, see you later’ went to another task. A little while after that, Mira, sipping banana milk, reached for memories about the destination in her mind.

The Ancient Shrine Nebulapolis dungeon, commonly called ‘underground graveyard’. Just like the nickname tells, all six floors of the dungeon were located under the ground.
It was bound in a rocky mountain place with several carved statues along the sides; it was quite a magnificent view. It could prosper as a tourist spot if not for the monsters. Though the very presence of those monsters helped to bring liberal with throwing money away high-rank adventurers so it could be for the best.
Passing through the entrance required going through a large hall for festivals or whatnot. Almost no monsters spawned there. But at times monsters ascended from the lower floors or spirit monsters without a physical body appeared so it was not a safe rest spot for people without considerable skills.
And in the middle of this hall there was an altar. The mechanism inside of it could open the entrance to the first floor.
Monsters grew stronger with each floor and at the last 5th floor even high-level players couldn’t keep their guard loose.
Done with recalling the basic things Mira had drunk all her banana milk and after a short rest went to the magician union.
She observed the people and buildings around while moving along the main street. Amongst the people in armor and robes she used to see in the game and  the magical girls she saw yesterday there were flashy American ninjas, blade-maniac samurais that looked like they were doing a sword hunt, and sisters that had their face covered with a hannya mask; Mira didn’t know where to retort anymore at scenery that unfolded before her eyes.

(Perhaps I’m normall.)

There was nothing to be scared of in a city with even more peculiar people striding around. Full of confidence,  Mira proceeded along the street swinging her arms in relief. She forgot her appearance was gathering more attention than the outfit.

After arriving at the union, Mira dashed to the familiar receptionist, Eureka who handled her yesterday. She was diligently writing something. They were not quite acquaintances yet, but it was easier to talk with her than to somebody completely unknown.

“Do thou have some time?”

“Yes, wait a minute, please.”

Eureka who had been called upon put the papers to the side and lifted her face up. In front of her there was the face of Dunbalf’s pupil, Mira, whom she saw yesterday.

“Oh! Ah, Mira! Good morning! Erm, are you going to get your adventurer’s ID?”

Flustered for a moment, she quickly returned to herself and recalled the purpose of Mira’s visit.

“Yea. Is it done?”

“Yes, we issued it. Wait a minute please.”

With those words, Eureka stood up and brought a file from a shelf behind the desk.

“Here it is. Check it please.”

She held a card from the file in front of Mira. Name, class and rank were written down on this card.
The name was Mira, summoner class, and due to the recommendation letter the rank was C from the outset. All conditions for the underground graveyard were clear.

“It seems fine.”

“Then since you are getting rank C, we have the license to lend operator bracelets, how do you feel about getting one?”

Eureka got a silver bracelet from the file and placed it on the desk. Nevertheless, it was an extremely familiar thing for Mira.

“Are thou about that thing?”

With those words, Mira rolled up her left sleeve and showed a bracelet set on her thin white wrist. Instantly Eureka fell silent in a daze, shook her head and nodded.

“…Ahh, so, you… already had one!?””


Eureka recalled that the girl in front of her is a pupil of a hero and stood calmly like she was convinced that for a person of this caliber it’s not that weird to personally own one.
This operator bracelet was a replica of players’ operation terminal. The functions were limited to item box and map. Though the production cost was high and required using a secret skill not listed even in the Encyclopedia, there were not many people owning it.
But due to the unfathomable utility, active high-ranked adventurers with at least C-rank income could lend it from the union.

“Just as expected from the pupil of Dunbalf. It’s probably better to treat you as one.”

With some anxiety left Eureka realized that she should keep in mind that this girl is a pupil of a hero.
Putting herself together, she opened the file and gave a sheet of paper to Mira.

“Here is a gist of things related to the magician union. All missions have a set rank and you can’t accept missions with rank above yours. Participation in group missions ranked higher than your is at your own risk.
Also, dungeons everywhere are limited by a rank too. They are managed by union departments in the closest cities so feel free to go there when you need enter them. There are penalties for breaching that so please be careful.
And last thing, for receiving suppressing missions the number of suppressed targets is judged by soul stones you deliver. If you lose them, the mission will count as failed even after completing it so take care of them, please.
Do you have any questions?”

“An application is required…”

The current goal of Mira was a dungeon. Judging by the contents of the conversation, without an application there would be a penalty.

“After this I’m going to go to underground graveyard… Ancient Shrine Nebulapolis, how can I get the permission?”

“All of a sudden!? …well, the reception desk to the furthest right from the entrance handles dungeon management so you can get permission there.”

“I see.”

Mira slightly twisted her body and checked the right side of reception desks. There were a lot of people around the central reception desks, but the right side was in moderate condition.

“And finally, the use of the union facilities is basically free. Food, drinks and consumables come at a discount. Also in the case that you damage the institution, the repair costs are deducted from your reward so please use it with care.”

Done with that, Eureka got a leather case with the same size as the card from her pocket. A cane and ribbons were drawn on this pink case. It was a very cute card case.

“It is a present from me. Please use it for your adventurer’s ID.”

“Ye..yea. Thanks.”

Mira was baffled with the overly girly design yet, being unable to coldly refuse Eureka’s good will, she meekly nodded. Seeing the acceptance, Eureka swiftly put the adventurer’s ID left at the tray into the card case and with a smile gave it to Mira. Mira accepted it with a wry smile.

“Also, the union chief for some reason has something to give to you and today he should be preparing it so, starting from tomorrow, he wants you to show yourself here again when you have time.”

“Something to give?”

“Yes. I don’t know what exactly but it looks like an order from Solomon.”

“From him?… It doesn’t look that good. Well, fine. I should just come after tomorrow, right?

“Yes, please.”


She had no idea what the union chief could want to give her but if he does it at the behest of Solomon, she could guess that it was probably related to that mission.

“Then, all the formalities are done. Also, only me and union chief know about your situation so if you want something, feel free to ask me.”

“I’ll remember that.”

“And afterwards…”

“What, do thou have anything else?”

With a look like it was hard for her to speak about it, Eureka, sparkling her eyes like she hoped for something, gaped at Mira. And, vigorously reaching out her hands,

“Please make a handshake!”

With those words she bowed her head. Until now she had the business face to carry out her job as a union employee. And now, when it ended, she couldn’t stay still with all the personal matters that greatly bothered her.

Honestly, Eureka was a big fan of Dunbalf. To the point that her home was flooded with Dunbalf-related goods.

With her long vacations, she had a pilgrimage when she went out to Silver Horn and all the vacations looked up at the Summoners Tower.

A pupil of the hero who wasn’t heard for ages appeared in front of her. As a result, Eureka completely fell into ecstasy. After all, if fellow staff members knowing her saw it, they would probably be impressed how she managed to control herself enough to carry out her job.

“Is it enough for thee…?”

Mira, overwhelmed with her vigor, offered a hand. Right away, like she was engraving the sensation, Eureka gently yet firmly shook her hand. Furthermore, tears began to appear from her eyes.

“Thank you for that. I will never wash this hand!”

“Well, it should be better to wash it.”

Without knowing that Eureka is a hardcore Dunbalf fan, Mira answered while slightly drawing back. But even without understanding it, she thought that as long as Eureka is glad, it should be fine.

“Then good luck with your adventurer’s life. Thank you for using our services!”

Sent out by Eureka, Mira left the reception desk and pointed her legs at the desk at the right corner to get the permission to enter the underground graveyard.

“I want a pass to the Ancient Shrine, is it here?”

After coming to a desk, looking at the nameplate stating ‘Reception for permissions’, Mira asked it straight off.

“Yes, it is at this reception.”

Thinking that the voice is familiar for some reason, Mira lift her face.

Eureka was here.

Because Mira said something about the Ancient Shrine Nebulapolise, pleading with a woman that should handle people here, Eureka managed to temporary swap places.

Slightly astonished about her being here, Mira began to fill papers for entering the Ancient Shrine.

After finishing the formalities and paying 1000 leafs as a commission, she accepted the pass to the Ancient Shrine from the high-tension Eureka. It was in the form of a card with figures drawn on it.

And at the same time she got the explanations.

First, touch the barrier stone at the entrance of dungeon with the card to remove the barrier and open it. In 10 seconds after releasing the card the barrier restores.

The card can be used only once and for another entrance she needed to fill the papers again.

There is nothing special in getting out of it. She can simply pass through the barrier.

After using, throw it into a recycle box at the union.

Mira promptly nodded at every line and, after another handshake at the end, she left the union.

When Mira left the magician union, she was going to put the Ancient Shrine pass inside on that occasion and opened the lovely card case. While she was doing it, she thought if she should to go to the underground graveyard right now or do some sightseeing at the town first.
Upon that, there came a noise from the side of the warriors union.

“Fine then! I will go alone!””

With that shout, the door of the warrior union loudly opened. Upon that, a boy jumped out from it and ran right in Mira’s direction. Tears came to his eyes and he cast his eyes a bit down while trying to endure the frustration. Contrary to that, Mira looked down at the card case in her hands. That’s why they haven’t paid attention to anything around.



Obviously, the boy’s head thrust into Mira and she, wavering a bit from the impact, somewhat managed to stay on her legs.

“What’s the!”

Mira reflexively scowled at the one who was the reason, and the boy who fell and was grumbling while lying on the earth reflected in her eyes. At the second she saw him, her anger rapidly cooled and she walked to him and raised him up, hugging in hands. ED: hugging hands?

“Are thou fine, lad? Does it hurt anywhere?”

Mira approached her face to glance at the boy and, cleaning his clothes, gently asked him. After that, she wiped the tears from red-eyed boy’s face with a sleeve of her robe.

“Yeah. I’m sorry for bumping into you.”

The boy made a quick bow. Mira, admiring the well-behaving boy, answered with “I’m fine” while patting his head.

“Are you fine too?”

Looking into his face Mira slightly startled at that question. Suddenly, a pretty woman face appeared before her eyes.
This dressed in white with green light armor woman had a slender sword. With a fluttering black long hair, tender face and drooping eyes, she was a long-eared elf.
The boy, throwing a glance at that elf woman, quickly took his eyes off and shivered in irritation.

“Ye…yea. I’m fine.”

“Really? It’s great.”

Looking at her figure, appearance and equipment, Mira, considering this elf woman quite strong, tried to Inspect her.
And she got that, first, her name was Emera. Her stats had high MP and dexterity with somewhat reasonable HP and strength. Considering the equipment bonus, it was slightly better.
Comparing it to stats of the commander of magic knights, Graia, Mira concluded that they were on par.

“But who are thou? Wasn’t this lad crying before falling down? Don’t thou know anything about that?”

If he was crying after falling down, Mira without worrying too much sent this boy home after maybe giving him some apple ole. But his red eyes were swelling to the point you can’t say he simply cried a bit. ‘I will not let you make a child cry’, Mira turned her menacing gaze to this elf woman.

“Oh… For some reason, I’m treated as a villain… Well… To start with, I am Emera. I belong to the warrior union with the C rank and, generally, an adventurer classified to a high rank.”

“Hmm. I’m Mira. Just now I joined the magician union.”

“Wow. An adventurer at that age. Magicians seem to be really amusing.”

“Rather than that, do thou know what happened?”

Looking up at Emera, Mira wiped the still flowing tears of the boy.

“Don’t stare at me like that. The big sister will get hurt.”

Looking like she’s really hurt, Emera hung her brows down. If she insisted, she looked like a timid big sister. Mira had no habit of hurting women and softened her expression a bit. For some reason, she began to think that Emera did not make this boy cry.

“Err, if you registered in the union, you should have heard about the dungeon permissions.”

“Yea, paying a 1000 leafs as commission, thou can get a pass. Dungeons have ranks and to enter thou must have the same rank, are you about that?”

“Yes, yes. About that…”

While Emera started speaking, the boy noticed the card case lying on the ground.

“Ah, excuse me. It’s my fault.”

After apologizing, the boy picked up the card case. Judging by this lovely design he understood that it belongs to Mira. But in the next moment the two cards he briefly glanced at completely changed his expression.

“Big sis! Is big sis at C rank!?”

The boy wiped his tears and with a hope in his eyes gazed at Mira. Not understanding the situation but thinking that as long as he stopped crying, it’s fine, Mira nodded with a relief.

“Yea, I am.”

“Eh…no way!? You just said now that you barely entered the union! After the registration, you should be at the G rank!?”

Emera was astonished even more than the boy. There is no wonder because getting rank C right after the registration was unprecedented, she hasn’t heard of anything similar. She knew about recommendation letters. but even it at the best they gave E rank.
Emera rushed at them to peek at the card case that the boy held. Then she confirmed that, as the boy said, Mira’s adventurers ID stated the rank C.

“What’s going on… It’s genuine…”

Widely opening her eyes, Emera saw the pass to the Ancient Shrine Nebulapolis that was put in the card case too and, just like the ID, concluded it was genuine too. No matter how you tamper the writing on the ID, the union manages all the information. To get the pass, you need to go to the union and all tampering will become useless.

“The pass to the Ancient Shrine… genuine one”

When Emera muttered that, she understood her mistake. In a panic, she looked at the boy who with even stronger shine in eyes deeply bowed his head to Mira.

“Big sis, please take me along to the Ancient Shrine!”


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